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The New Farm To Plate Dining Experience You Need To Know About

By Emma Pegrum
28th Feb 2019

The New Farm To Plate Dining Experience You Need To Know About

A farm to plate dining experience with a serious twist is in the works down south from one of the state’s most exciting young chefs, and we could be feasting as early as October this year.

Tiller Dining is the new venture from Chef George Cooper, who previously offered private, in-home fine dining for down south holiday-makers as Food by the Chef. Set on a 21-hectare farm just outside Yallingup, Tiller Dining will deliver much more than just a restaurant meal and will build further on what he was able to offer patrons in their own homes or holiday properties. Visitors to the soon-to-be 25-seater indoor-outdoor dining room can expect total immersion in the feel of a working family farm, feasting on 12 to 15 courses of exquisitely prepared food reared by the soils that surround them. Your visit might even entail pulling the veg for your own meal or catching some marron in the dam (read: bucket-list-worthy down south activities).

George is well-known for his technique-driven food infused with memories from his childhood in England. If his take on a British TV dinner—haute cuisine-style bacon, eggs, chops and peas encased in a smoking jar—is anything to by, we think it’s safe to say that this is one ‘farm to plate’ dining experience that won’t be falling straight out of the cookie cutter.

George says that many of his mainstays will be on the menu at Tiller Dining, but that the expanded space, readily available equipment and ability to grow his own produce will allow for many new additions to get excited about. Unlike a restaurant, though, the Coopers’ farm won’t be simply taking bookings to try these delights. Dinners will be ticketed, with the idea being that guests come in groups, staggered throughout the evening so as to ensure each group’s experience, from walking the farm to hearing George’s stories and enjoying the food, is rich and unique.

With the concrete-slab for the dining room literally about to be poured, this whole vision might feel like a little while off, but the Coopers are hoping for an October-November launch, with the place in full swing for next summer. Perfect timing. 

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Image credit: Elements Margaret River

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