Top Dup Is About To Unleash Two Of The Most Delicious Creations Ever!

By Anna Franklyn
14th Dec 2017


Perthlings, listen up! It's not every day that doughnut legends Top Dup team up with Perth's greatest cookies, Get Chunky. But it's happening this weekend! Don't worry, if you're keen to withhold from temptation until a little closer to Christmas, they've got a crazy delicious collaboration with The Honeycake next weekend as well! God, they're good to us.

This weekend, Top Dup and Get Chunky have joined forces to create the Chunk-Fetti Buttercream Bar—aka their tribute to everyone's favourite party snack, Fairy Bread.

It's a brioche doughnut bar topped with a layer of buttercream and a truckload of Get Chunky's Chunk-Fetti cookie pieces (and sprinkles of course). Then it's topped with another doughnut layer, fairy bread glaze (which is almost as good as unicorn tears), more cookies and more sprinkles. Holy mother of god!

This magical creation will be available from Friday to Sunday at Top Dup in Willagee and from Get Chunky's stalls at the Freo Markets and Whitford City. If you're really worried about missing out, preorder yours by emailing Top Dup or Get Chunky.

If you're more into cake (and trust us, everyone is into cake when it's The Honeycake), you can try to hold out until next weekend for the delicious brioche doughnut filled with a The Honeycake's special (and very secret) sauce that'll make you weak in the knees. And it's alllllll topped with a piece of the delectable Honeycake. We know, we can't even either.

This one will be available on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 December at Top Dup in Willagee and on Friday 22 December at all of The Honeycake locations—Fremantle markets, Hillary's Boat Harbour and the State Buildings in the city.

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Image credit: Top Dup


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