Holy Guacamole | Perth Just Scored Vegan Avocado Gelato

By Anna Franklyn
27th Jun 2018


This is not a drill.

The guys over at Whisk Creamery have just answered the prayers of every vegan in Perth and, as far as we're aware, have become the first peeps in Australia to jump on the trend that is the avocado gelato which is served in the actual avocado shell, because Instagram.

This crazy culinary concoction is made using real avocados which are blended with sugar and lemon juice before making their way into the gelato machine where all the magic happens.

Once it's ready, it's poured back into the avo shells and topped with a 'stone' which is really a tasty little scoop of almond, peanut butter and cocoa gelato. 

But the real question is, what does it taste like? Well, it's sweet but not too sweet—no sugar-induced comas here—creamy AF thanks to the avocados and surprisingly delicious, it's basically everything we avo wanted.

The gelato will be available at both the Northbridge and Subiaco stores, but only for a limited time so get in quick or you just might miss out.

Want more vegan goodness? Head right this way.

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