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Virtual Insanity | Perth Has Got A Virtual Reality Arcade

By Gerard Ward
29th Aug 2017

Been meaning to give this whole virtual reality thing a shot but not keen on throwing over $1,000 for the gear? Perth's first VR arcade might just be your best bet in trying out the tech everyone's been raving about. Optimus Gaming Perth in Balcatta is the first place in Perth where six people can play virtual reality games at the same time using HTC Vive VR headsets and two controllers.

Each player has a space to themselves, where sensors read where your body is, letting you weave, dodge, duck and move around the virtual world—no sitting on a chair for this. The controllers are strapped to your hand and look a bit like glorified cup holders, but are incredibly high-tech.

After a quick tutorial, you’ll be ready to jump into games like Tilt Brush—a 3D painting simulation where you can move around your floating creation—or Job Simulator, which sounds boring but trust me, is very funny.

Try out a game like The Lab: Longbow and you’ll be readying a bow and arrow, protecting a castle from stick figures attacking your fortress. Atop one of the castle’s towers, you’ll be leaning over, closing one eye to aim and picking off these little baddies one at a time. You’ll be tricked into thinking you’re wielding the bow and arrow when the controller vibrates and makes that creaking wooden sound.

If you’ve got a group of friends, or are open to playing with strangers, there’s a dodgeball-type Smashbox Arena to get competitive, as well as a more intense space shoot-em-up game Raw Data—where you’ll be fighting waves of androids clawing their way at you.

There’s a catalogue of games ready to play with a mix of single-player or multiplayer to take on your mates. They're open from Wednesday to Sunday (and well into the evening so you can even go after work), it's $49 an hour, and you’ll get accustomed to the controls and using the gear in no time at all.

As they say, time flies when you’re having fun, so make sure to give more than one game a go. Book here.

If you're more into Ninja Warrior style fun, check out Bounce Inc's new X-Park Adventure Challenge Course.

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