We Know Where To Get Nasi Lemak Burgers In Perth

By Anna Franklyn
29th Aug 2018


Hold on to your hats guys, we've found nasi lemak burgers right here in Perth! The nasi lemak burger has been trending in a big way in Singapore and Malaysia, so the clever cookies over at Sedap Place in East Victoria Park have decided to bring the burger to us for the second time. Huzzuh!

Funnily enough, it was Maccas in Singapore that kick-started this trend, and after seeing how much love it got, MyBurgerLab in Malaysia thought they'd jump on the bandwagon before Sedap Place brought the love to us Perthlings for a limited time last year.

To celebrate Malaysia's national day this Friday 31 August, they are bringing back not one, but two nasi lemak burgers, as well as a crispy rendang chicken nasi lemak!

First up, we've got the nasi lemak beef rendang burger which comes in an Insta-worthy charcoal brioche bun, filled with tender slow cooked beef rendang, roasted peanuts, ikan bilis (fried Malaysia anchovies for those of you playing at home), cucumber, their epic homemade sambal and a delicious runny egg—so everything you'd expect from traditional nasi lemak apart from the rice (who needs rice when you've got a brioche burger bun though?)

If you're not into beef, the nasi lemak fried chicken burger comes in a regular ol' brioche bun with traditional Malaysian fried chicken (ayam goreng berempah, if we want to get technical) and all the same trimmings. Can't choose? Get both.

But you'll have to be quick. The nasi lemak is available for a limited time only and the last day you can get it is Saturday 9 September. U

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Image credit: Andria Chua for Perth Food Adventures

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