Where To Get Raclette In Perth

By Anna Franklyn
13th Jul 2018

Where To Get Raclette In Perth

You’ve all seen videos of some legend scraping molten raclette cheese onto other delicious things like potato, charcuterie and baguettes floating around the internet, but I’m sure you’re wondering where you can get this heavenly dish in Perth—wonder no more.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of cheese (who isn’t), here are four places you can get raclette in Perth. Just remember to book ahead, before the raclette runs out!

Lot 20


Every Sunday from noon to 8:30pm, the crew at Lot 20 heats up their grill for raclette good times. For $25 you can get yourself a plate of smoked leg ham, serrano, Hungarian salami, pickled veggies, roasted potatoes and a baguette, all topped with melted Heidi Farm Raclette cheese. 

Bloody French


The guys at Bloody French do bloody good food and their raclette is no exception. Delicious raclette cheese atop potatoes, cured meats and vegetables, there’s nothing about this that we don’t like.



There’s something about Subiaco and raclette and we’re totally ok with it. These guys might have been the first to jump on board the raclette train in Perth and for that we are grateful! The team at Woodpeckers also does a mean woodfired pizza, because more cheese with your cheese is exactly what you need.

Want more cheese? Here's where to get halloumi fries in Perth.

Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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