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The Most Romantic Places To Propose In Perth

By Emma Pegrum
13th Feb 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. Here in Perth, we are pretty blessed that our day of love falls right smack bang in the middle of what is undeniably the most romantic time of year—the seemingly endless bliss that is Perth summer. Oh, to be in love at this time of year. The sun shines that little bit brighter. You share a sandy towel with your sweetheart while canoodling on the beach. Sunset wines and picnics turn into long nights of staring longingly into each others’ eyes. What better time, you might find yourself asking, to pop the ultimate question?

If you are planning on dropping the knee, there’s no time like the present (and certainly no time like mid-Feb in Perth). Whether you want to make it extravagant or keep it small and intimate, your proposal is something both you and your partner will never forget. So while you’re busy plucking up the courage and pep-talking your reflection in the bathroom mirror, we’ve got you covered on the logistics: here are all the most romantic places to propose in Perth.


Port Beach

North Fremantle

One of the most beautiful spots along our heaven-sent coastline, Port Beach is an incredibly romantic spot to surprise your soon-to-be husband or wife (hopefully…) with a proposal. With the twinkling lights of the Fremantle docks as your backdrop and crystal clear waters turning darker as the sun drops in the sky gently lapping onto the shore, how could they say no?! If it’s a bit windy, you can duck into the protection and hospitality of Coast Port Beach for a quick champagne before bringing out the ring.

Cottesloe Beach


Iconic for a reason, don’t look past Cottesloe Beach as a romantic place to pop the question. The spectacular beauty of our most famous beach location is not to be underestimated, and the homeliness and familiarity of it all is bound to make proposing a whole lot less daunting. Take a picnic down at sunset, or head to Il Lido for a glass of wine—either way, the golden sun and crashing afternoon waves will make for an unforgettable proposal.

Fremantle Port


There is something magical about watching the ships come and go at the Fremantle Port, as the sun starts to set and the cranes and ships begin to light up for the evening. Despite operating as a commercial port, the passenger terminal is open to the public pretty much all the time (there are some exceptions—check with them before solidifying plans!) Wandering down the dock will transport and calm you both, and ensure your proposal is as intimate, romantic and relaxed as it can get.

Grant Street Beach


A more private choice than the main beach up the road, Grant Street also offers natural hideaways from the wind in the form of rocky formations that line the bottom of the sand dunes. Our suggestion: take some towels, rugs or pillows down and nestle in with your love in one of these little cave-like spots, share a bottle of wine and some bites to eat, and then slowly work your way around to mentioning that you’d like to spend the rest of your life together. Just make sure you keep the ring out of the sand!

Bishop Road Reserve


One of the Swan River’s most well-kept secrets, the Bishop Road Reserve is not only beautiful on face value, but also offers some very sneaky little bush trails that lead right down to the water, where ultimate levels of privacy and tranquillity can be found. A seriously beautiful spot at sun up or sun down, as well as anywhere in between, it’s perfect for those who want their proposal to be totally secluded.

Trigg Beach


Yeah, yeah, it's another beach, but Trigg is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches we’ve got, and the rugged coastline provides many-a nook-and-cranny for intimate, romantic proposals that are so Perth it’ll be impossible to refuse. One spot in particular lends itself to a romantic picnic ft. proposal: just off the carpark that’s between Bailey Street and Bennion Street, slightly north of Yelo. Park in the carpark, and take the path that leads north down to the sand—but don’t go all the way down. You have to duck under the railing where you see the sandy patch on top of the rocks—it's about the size of a picnic rug and offers up uninterrupted 180 degree views of the big blue.

Lesmurdie Falls


For the true outdoorsy-types, a proposal somewhere in the hills near Lesmurdie Falls is sure to be a wondrous moment. Not only are the falls pretty gorgeous, the surrounding bushland is full of life and colour, there’s a tranquil creek that runs through down below, and there are quite a few trails that lead you up the hill through the bush, where you’ll end up seriously feeling like you’re the only two people in the world.

Hyde Park

Mount Lawley

It’s hard to go past one of our beautiful parks as the perfect place to propose in Perth—the only question is which one?! Hyde Park is a slow-paced city park with a beautiful lake, surrounded by flame trees that reflect onto the water. Old Moreton Bay Fig Trees arch their branches over walking paths, creating a sense of privacy as you wander around the water. This shady, peaceful retreat is the perfect spot to ask your special someone to marry you.

Kings Park


Proposing at Kings Park will never stop being a romantic way to woo your honey in true Perth fashion. Whether it’s on the Fraser Avenue lawn looking out over the city or tucked away under one of the many shady trees boasted by our iconic park, looking up at the stars or out across the river, this is a sure fire way to get the ‘yes’ you’ve been looking for.

High Vale Orchards

Pickering Brook

We often forget that our hills are home to some incredible spots. Driving around Pickering Brook and Canning Mills transports you to a whole new world, especially in summer when the afternoon shafts of sunlight flicker through the trees as you cruise along the winding roads. Highvale Orchard is a fully bio-dynamic orchard producing some pretty delicious products, including cider, which can be consumed at the Core Cider House. This could just make the perfect location for your proposal. Drop the knee among the trees or as you sip on cider on the sprawling lawn with the orchard as your backdrop—either way, it’ll be romantic as anything.

Sandalford Estate


The oldest winery in our beautiful Swan Valley region, Sandalford Estate certainly hasn’t let age dull its beauty. If you’re looking for a truly sophisticated, yet rustic and natural location for your proposal, this is it. With rolling lawns and sprawling vineyards as well as natural bushland and groomed gardens, Sandalford Estate makes for a beautiful summer’s day out and the perfect spot to say ‘be mine’.

Oakover Grounds

Middle Swan

A little less well-known than Sandalford (and perhaps a slightly less cliché place to put a ring on it), Oakover Grounds recently underwent a serious facelift leaving it the perfect combination of urban sleek and country rustic, what with it’s cool industrial fit out, open-air balcony and massive, natural lake. Come for the proposal, stay for the wine.


Lulu La Delizia


Arguably serving up the best Italian food in Perth, this intimate, homely restaurant might just be the perfect place to ask for your love’s hand in marriage. The tables are fairly packed in—so be prepared for an audience, and probably for a round of applause when they say ‘yes’ and you embrace each other with love and excitement! Just like the movies!



On the more (or the most) upscale side of things, Wildflower is an undeniably romantic place to propose in Perth. Do it over champagne and nibbles on the beautiful rooftop, overlooking the river and cityscape, or treat your dearest to an utterly luxurious dinner, strategically lulling them into a semi-food coma before asking them to be yours forever.

Swallow Bar


A fun-loving little bar and kitchen that’s held dear by locals, Swallow Bar has romance woven right into its very fabric. The place has a distinctly Australian feel complete with eucalyptus trees that tower over the back courtyard wall, but a tantalising French twist, meaning the food and wine are seriously delectable. With the afternoon sun streaming in through the front windows, it’s a romantic and intimate place for a proposal that is certain to be followed by overflowing champagne and hugs from all the bar staff.

Petition Kitchen


A relaxed but upscale dining experience, Petition Kitchen is particularly romantic by candlelight—so go for dinner. Revel in the glorious interiors of our beautiful state buildings and devour a delightful dinner before popping the question over a luxe dessert and sweet wine.



Situated at the base of a beautiful art deco apartment building on The Esplanade, Balthazar has that regal, dark, candlelit vibe that is sophistication meets romance. Take a seat at your intimate table for two, ask the waiter for the finest bottle of wine in the place and bring out the ring.


Salmon Bay

Rottnest Island

While the entire island of Rottnest is downright spectacular and no one would be complaining if they had the question popped to them at any of Rottnest’s 63 secluded beaches, Salmon Bay is just that little bit special. Not only is it the biggest bay in Rotto, it’s also the most raw and untouched, and in the right conditions is absolute turquoise perfection for swimming, snorkelling, all-round beach-frolicing and—conveniently—romantic proposals. The incredibly white sand might blind your partner from your imperfections just enough to guarantee a ‘yes’. Note: if it’s too crowded for your liking, try neighbouring Little Salmon Bay—it’s just as beautiful, and way more secluded.

The Pinnacles


Only about 190kms north of Perth, Cervantes makes a great romantic day trip or overnight getaway for you and your number one. Sure, The Pinnacles are a great tourist attraction—but they double as a fun spot to pop the Q. A truly unique spot in WA, the sandy desert and limestone pillars will make for a memorable proposal and some great ‘we’re engaged’ photo-ops.

Boranup Karri Forest

Margaret River

The Boranup Forest is undoubtedly one of the most scenic spots on any down south visit—especially on the all-important proposal mini-break. Get down on one knee as the enormous karri trees tower over you both, creating the perfect romantic atmosphere. The forest is also not short of wildflowers, orchids and eucalyptus, as well as being filled by the sound of native birds tweeting. Seriously—this is proposal location 101.

Not quite ready for the big M just yet? Check out our list of non-excruciating things to do in Perth with your Valentine.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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