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Here’s Where To See The Total Lunar Eclipse In Perth

By Emma Pegrum
26th Jul 2018

If you’re like me and completely fascinated by things you have no scientific or technical understanding of, then you’ll be absolutely psyched for the total lunar eclipse that's happening in the early hours of Saturday 28 July.

If you have NFI what we're talking about, you can read all about it here, but really you just need to know that totality is happening from 3:30am to 5:13am in Perth, so set your alarms and remember to go to bed nice and early (or not at all) on Friday night.

Get your tripods out: here's where to see the total lunar eclipse in Perth.

Monument Hill

Mosman Park

The highest point of Buckland Hill in Mosman Park, Monument Hill provides sweeping views to the east which is where you’ll see the moon commence totality. With views of the city and the ocean you’ll feel totally immersed, and the best part is there shouldn’t be too much ‘city light’ around which is apparently ideal conditions for viewing this bad boy.

Bay View Park

Mosman Park

For the water babies among us, Bay View Park provides some of the most secluded and, more importantly, some of the darkest spots along the river for your total lunar eclipse viewing pleasure. Who’s bringing the moon-themed cupcakes?​

Bayswater Riverside Gardens


The Bayswater Riverside Gardens with its big grass areas has some pretty damn good picnic spots, and it’s also got a bunch of interesting walking and cycle tracks if you want to incorporate some early morning exercise into the whole outing.

Point Walter Sandbar

Point Walter

If you just wanna do the ‘pop out and see it for ten minutes’ job, then the Point Walter Sandbar might be a good spot for you to see this total lunar eclipse in Perth. Take a walk out as far as the river’s tide will allow, check the moon with its reflection on the water in full glory, then scurry back to the car. There are plenty of spots to park up along the river there too, if you decide it’s worth staying for.

Kings Park

Perth City

Kings Park is a never-fail when it comes to seeing anything in the sky. The best spots to see this particular event are right along the Fraser Avenue lawns with city views galore, or you could venture up the DNA tower if you’re feeling the cosmic energy. Either way, we’re sure the night will be filled with lots of gushing and the old chorus of ‘we should really come here more often!’

Lesmurdie Falls National Park


If you’ve been meaning to get out to the Darling Scarp, now’s the time, because there will probably be no better place to see this galactic spectacle than on our eastern escarpment. Lesmurdie Falls National Park is a particularly good spot because it’s only a short walk up to the viewing platform so you can boost your views.

Yokine Hill


Yokine locals are gifted with one of Perth’s highest points—Yokine Hill reaches 83m above sea level and is the perfect spot to watch the moon paint our beautiful sky red! While not allowing for much picnicking, it’s a great spot to set up a tripod or stand with a craned neck, iPhone in hand and capture the moon in full view.

Reabold Hill


The highest natural point on our metro coastal plain, you can’t go past Reabold Hill as a spot to watch the total lunar eclipse. You get incredible views from up here, especially—and we’re not condoning it—if you climb up onto the roof of the viewing platform. You can see the ocean—sometimes Rotto—the city skyline, darling scarp and glimpses of the Swan River. It’s crazy. The big red moon’s just gonna be the cherry on top.

If you don't make it up in time for the eclipse but you're still up bright and early, check out the best spots to watch the sunrise in Perth.

Image credit: Max Pixel

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