Who’s Dishing Out Cocowhip In Perth?

By Anna Franklyn
17th Feb 2016

Cocowhip In Perth

Health Freak Cafe | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! But what happens when you realise all that ice cream is what made your jeans stop buttoning up last week? You cry. Not really… well maybe a little bit.

But it's not that bad because we discovered Cocowhip is just as de-freaking-licious as ice cream, plus it's healthy so we can eat it errrrryday right?

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Cocowhip is a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free coconut soft serve jam packed with probiotics (read: guilt-free). Sold yet? I thought so...

Read on to find out who’s dishing up the best dang Cocowhip in Perth.

Whip It Good


Once upon a time I might have laughed if you said you wanted a donut on your Cocowhip, but seeing is believing. Thanks to the kool kids at Raw Kook and Whip It Good at the Fremantle Markets, raw donuts on your Cocowhip is totally possible and, I’d like to go ahead and say, mandatory next time you find yourself there.

Little Shop Of Plenty


Choc hazelnut chunks you say? I. Just. Can’t. Even. The Cocowhip toppings here are out of control ahhhmazing. Get your whip in a waffle cone, or try it next to some raw banana pancakes at Maylands cafe Little Shop of Plenty. If you want to be super duper healthy, you can try the matcha Cocowhip topped with ingredients like goji berries, coconut and pistachios. 

Kirkwood Deli


Kirkwood Deli in Swanbourne is the new kid on the Cocowhip block but it seems they know EXACTLY what they are doing. With raw chocolate wafers, vegan butterscotch or raw cacao sauce, this is our number one beach time treat and the perfect way to beat the Perth heat, vegan style.

Louis Baxters


Cocowhip sandwiched between two cookies is kinda like heaven on earth. And the cookies are vegan so totes fine if you’re, you know, vegan, but also great news for our dairy-free friends. If you’re not into cookies, you can get Cocowhip with fresh berries, chocolate crumble or, wait for it, topped with a bug chunk of one of their raw slices.

Nature’s Harvest


You’d think after trying just about every single Cocowhip in Perth, they’d all become a bit of a blur right? Wrong! You want to know why? Because this place does giant Cocowhip sundaes topped with chunks of raw treats and so much saucy goodness that no one could ever forget it. Nature’s Harvest in Cottesloe, doing health right. 

May Street Larder


It’s true that Cherry Ripes used to be the dreaded leftovers in the Favourites box, but it turns out cherry ripe flavoured stuff is actually awesome. Exhibit A: May Street Larder’s Cherry Ripe Cocowhip... freaking delicious. If cherry isn’t your thing, try the cookies and cream—with vegan biscuits and raw Nutella.

Coco Lycious

Food Truck

Cocowhip on wheels, truck yes! These guys are dishing up Cocowhip at all the foodie events around town and are regulars at the Inglewood and Kalamunda night markets. They very kindly offer an all-day bowl with granola and fruit making Cocowhip for breakfast totally do-able.

Health Freak Cafe

Mt Lawley, Scarborough, Joondalup

Cocowhip bowls, Cocowhip jars, Cocowhip plates and Cocowhip affogatos… looks like Health Freak Cafe has gone crazy for Cocowhip and we are totally ok with that, because, Cocowhip affogatos. Top it with vegan Nutella and call it a day!

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