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We Got Manscaped (Down There) And Here’s The Blow By Blow

By Jim Hall
2nd Oct 2018

YT Body Perth

Body waxing. Somewhat the poster child for patriarchal inequality, hair sculpting is an industry undergoing a social transformation. There is a clear trend of women rejecting the concept while the door of social normality has opened for men with a fringe curiosity to test their might against their deep, aged roots for the sake of sanitation and aesthetics.

This brings me to YT Body, situated in the back of Young Turks Barber in Mosman Park. The quaint room has been curated with lush greenery and soft colour tones not too dissimilar to the aforementioned barber. Enter, me. You know how I previously referred to men with a fringe curiosity of manscaping? That once spectator would be me. A 6’5” Libran who’s thick, dark hair often evokes questions about an assumed Italian and/or Jewish heritage.

YT Body Perth

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for and my nervousness was clear as day, so the lovely Fiona sat me down with a beer to explain what I was in for. Alas, the nice people at YT Body had spared no expense and booked me in for a full back, crack and pubic wax, plus a facial, you know, to round things off.

We started with the back. A quick and relatively painless process, my confidence was irrationally high by the time we were done. It was at this point that Fiona warned me that the next section would the greatest challenge of the session—the upper pubis area. After three strips of the area between the belly button and my nether regions, it was clear that this part was not for the faint of heart nor the thick of hair. We had a calming conversation and decided to just shave the rest of this area. This was very comforting and spoke to the professionalism of the YT Body team as Fiona quickly identified my stress about continuing and offered a solution to cater to my fragility.

This proved to be a fortuitous move as it offered me some time to gather my thoughts and muster some courage. We ended up finishing the waxing of my bum and reproductive organs, which was a cake walk for me at this point. Alas, my bravery paid off and I had made it to the promised land of facial. 

YT Body Perth

This, to me, was everything I ever wanted in a beauty treatment; exfoliation, hot towels, massaging, the works. Fiona explained the products used and it was great to hear they were using local brands with all natural ingredients. Before I knew it, my tranquil facial was finished. I felt like a new man. My skin was as supple as it has ever been in my adult life and I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

I couldn't leave before having a chat with co-owner David Weir on the somewhat unique nature of the business model. “It was something that we had discussed with our barbershop clientele over the last 18 months, and we noticed there was a big hole in the market for these kinds of services” David explained, “we wanted to create a space for other treatments, sometimes maybe embarrassing or previously considered to be ‘feminine’, where you could partake with the same level of comfort. No judgement, no embarrassment… We have miners, tradies, musos, drag queens, real estate agents and professional athletes coming into YT Body”.

YT Body Perth

After my experiences with YT Body, David can now add rapper/amateur photojournalist to the list—I’m totally sold. I also got a tight fade then they cleaned the rest of my hair up—it made perfect sense. While it's located on Stirling Hwy in Mosman Park, YT Body still manages to be tucked away from the main thoroughfare and is worth the trip down the F Line.

Whether you’re after a wax, facial, mani-pedi or all the above, YT Body is the first and last stop for all your male grooming needs. Visit their website for all the details and pricing.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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