10 Of Sydney’s Best Hidden Coffee Gems

By Alexandra Hampton
8th Dec 2014

Finding decent coffee in Sydney can feel a bit like you’re running through a labyrinth– it’s hard to know where to go. New ones pop up all the time; your old favourites unexpectedly shut down or, even worse, suddenly change baristas – so we’ve put together a list of the best hidden coffee spots to avoid all potential coffee catastrophes.

The Lab Cafe

Where there’s a steady queue, there lies good coffee. That can be said about The Lab Cafe at Martin Place, where speedy staff work to remedy the falling caffeine levels of city slickers with a big smile and friendly banter. Passionate about their coffee, you know you’re in safe hands when it comes to your morning fix. Be sure to sample their delectable Nutella creations, we're addicted!

The Roots Espresso
North Sydney

Brett Conway, formerly of Three Blue Ducks, has recently opened his newest venture, The Roots, to a huge following. They have an amazing Single Origin coffee selection, as well as siphons and pour-overs, so the passion for good coffee is very clear from the get-go.

Mothership by Single O

If you’re a self confessed coffee fanatic then head over to Mothership by Single O to get your coffee fix at the new headquarters for Single Origins Roasters. Everything at this coffee bar is dedicated to making quality coffee from start to finish. There’s all manner of coffee paraphernalia here so grab a drip-filter coffee and enjoy the deliciousness!

Underground Espresso
North Sydney

For those living or working north of the bridge, Underground Espresso is the perfect place to get your morning buzz. There’s often a queue (a good sign), but it moves constantly as the skilled baristas work their coffee magic in this tiny industrial espresso bar.

Cruise Espresso

The guys at Cruise Espresso are big believers in coffee and its serious business. If you’re after a caffeine hit, then this is the perfect place for you. The Ethiopian pour over is a must try, but if you’re not that fancy - the baristas are brilliant and all coffee is well layered and down right yummy.

Klink Handmade Espresso

Klink Handmade Espresso is, simply put, one of the best cafes in Sydney’s CBD. Constantly filled with people opting for their morning or afternoon caffeine buzz, Klink is nestled on the ground floor of the Gaffa Gallery and is a nice reprieve from the city’s hustle and bustle. With a cutesy takeaway window and a big sit-down space, this is the perfect place to grab a coffee on the go, or to just sit down and enjoy the day.

80 Bay

This Toby’s Estate espresso bar is a haven for all coffee lovers.  Just down the road from Toby’s headquarters, 80 Bay is built on providing customers the chance to appreciate the flavours of beans and different ways of brewing and serving coffee. We recommend the coffee ‘degustation’ – three types of beans, served either on the Chemex or the syphon – is an absolute must for coffee devotees.

Deluca Specialty Coffee

Coffee is definitely the main drawcard at Deluca Specialty Coffee, if you couldn’t tell by the coffee drips everywhere or the gigantic roaster in the centre of the café. There’s a lot on offer and the coffee (a house blend, sometimes single estate specials) certainly does not disappoint. Check it out!

TopHat Coffee Merchants

Clovelly’s TopHat is an institution in itself in the area, and these coffee aficionados know their stuff. Sporting a range of single estate specials and some amazing baristas, TopHat is a must see. Why not grab some breakfast while your there and make a morning out of it!

Bay Ten Espresso
North Sydney

A newbie to the North Sydney coffee scene, Bay Ten Espresso prides themselves on making some of the best coffee north of the bridge. Frequented by cyclists, who generally are avid coffee drinkers, you know the guys at Bay Ten Espresso are doing something right. Be sure to grab a 16-hour cold brew that’s served over ice if you want something cool, refreshing with a bit of a kick.

Image credit: Bay Ten Espresso

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