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20 Ways To Know You’re A True Sydneysider

By Sophia Fukunishi
10th Nov 2014

We can go on and on about how Sydney is the best city in Australia, but we're already preaching to the converted. Sure, you may have lived in Sydney for years, but there are certain things that need to have happened to you, or you need to firmly believe, to really call yourself a member of the Sydney club.

You're a true Sydneysider if…

  1. You've waited ages for a bus only to see 3 come at once. Hence the phrase "boys/girls are like buses."
  2. You've thought about buying a house but upon scanning any real estate site you promptly give up and continue to play the renting game, fo' life.
  3. Yum cha in Chinatown is the only effective known cure for hangovers. Fact.
  4. You've experienced serious road rage and have flipped the bird and/or yelled at a stranger for cutting you off many times. 
  5. Paying more than $4 for coffee is outrageous in your books.
  6. More on coffee… You seriously miss the coffee when you travel overseas.
  7. You stand by the fact that Sydney has the best chicken parmies, ever. 
  8. You truly believe the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games were the greatest Olympic Games of all time.
  9. You've either considered riding your bike but haven't yet because a) it's too hilly or b) you think drivers are so aggressive. Yet, when you drive, you've been known to softly curse at cyclists.
  10. You're immensely proud of the fact you can get pretty much any kind of cuisine you want.
  11. You've tried in vain to go to Bondi on a summer's day only to drive around for half an hour to find no parking spots. Shoulda caught the bus (see point 1).
  12. You've put your name down on a waitlist at some of Sydney's best restaurants and waited over an hour to be seated. #worthit
  13. You have gotten into an argument with a cab driver more than once.
  14. Though your rent continues to rise, you've resigned yourself to the fact that that's the way it is and have channelled your rage into complaining about the extra 50c it costs for the soy milk in your coffee.
  15. You're happy to complain about certain aspects of Sydney life but as soon as someone else says something bad, you quickly and passionately defend its honour.
  16. You have managed to find a "secret parking spot" and will never reveal it to anybody. Not even your best friend.
  17. You've braved the crowds at least once to see the NYE fireworks in the CBD.
  18. You know what suburbs we're referring to when we say Tama, Cabra, Parra and the Bra.
  19. Even thinking about driving will cost you a minimum of $4.50 in tolls.
  20. You well up with pride whenever you fly over Sydney.

Image credit: City of Sydney

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