The 25 Best Hangover Meals In Sydney

By Anna May
22nd Oct 2014

You wake up with a dry mouth, banging head, a sinking feeling that you may have texted at least eight people you shouldn't have last night, and a promise to the gods that you'll (try to) never drink again. Yep, you've scored yourself a hangover. Some see the next-day headache as a punishment for sins, while others choose to view it as a trophy of how much fun they had the night before. Either way, the choosing of a hangover meal is an art, and we've rounded up 25 of Sydney's best hangover meals so your brain has to do a little less work when you're worse for wear. 

1. A hearty helping of prawn har gao with lots of soy sauce and chilli from the godsend Yum Cha offering at Fisherman's Wharf Seafood Restaurant

2. For those with a sweet tooth, the carrot cake hotcakes with toffee pecans from Orto Trading Co will help soak up your excess booze.

3. The deliciously fresh and cold Acai Bowl from Fresh Blend in Mosman is a saintly counterpart to your sinful evening. Be sure to add a fresh young coconut.

4. A steaming bowl of pho from Great Aunty Three with extra fresh chilli will clear your cloudy head and act as a cuddle in bowl form.

5. The life-saving grilled haloumi cheese stack with poached eggs, baby spinach, balsamic glaze and pesto on Turkish toast from The Armchair Collective that knows just how you feel and won't judge.

6. The perfectly crispy and deservedly famous sweet corn fritters with roast tomato, spinach and bacon from bills are a godsend. Do yourself a favour and add the avocado salsa.

7. If anyone knows how to cure a hangover, it's the Irish folk behind Twenty 8 Acres Café, who offer the black pudding hash, crispy bacon, house-made baked beans and a poached egg.

8. The Bucket List know how you feel, and a quick dip in Bondi before a jug of their 'shave the hair off a dog' Bloody Mary or Bloody Maria in the sunshine will sort you out quick smart.

9. A bowl of chicharones (pork cracklings) to dip in your guacamole at Mex & Co. is the perfect way to get started on a recovery session.

10. The classic cure-all, in the form of a bacon and egg roll with melted cheese and lashings of barbecue sauce from Café Giulia

11. The cheesiest cheeseburger you've ever tackled from Brooklyn Social.

12. The refreshingly balanced Elsalada De Sandia from the likely scene of last night's crimes, Mr Moustache.

13. The epitome of back-to-basics with the vege-cado at Bondi Picnic. Add a poached egg if you need some protein – and you probably do!

14. Whether you're incredibly lucky and live around the corner, or just nothing else will do, half a chicken meal with that heavenly garlic sauce from El Jannah in Granville will cure you in no time.

15. If you're determined to make it out of bed on a Sunday, head to Marrickville Organic Food Markets, where the famous Waroo lamb and gravy roll will solve all your woozy woes.

16. Despite its bright interior, Pinbone understands your pain, and serve a hearty croque madame or croque monsieur until 3:30pm on Sundays.

17. Asking 'what hangover?' with an incredibly fresh Cali Press Juice Bar cold pressed juice before tackling the Bondi to Bronte walk backwards and giving your hangover the finger.

18. Doing it crunchy-style with the crispy fried buttermilk chicken burger with oaks slaw, aioli and fries from The Oaks Hotel.

19. Facing it head-on with a cure-all hamburger with the works from Paul's Famous Hamburgers, washed down with a freshly squeezed pineapple crush, or a traditional milkshake, if that's your style.

20. Make the most of your day with a bucket of prawns from The Boathouse Palm Beach, and maybe a glass of wine if you're game.

21. Get a little shabby-chic fancy at John Montagu with the mushrooms part 2 sandwich, complete with truffled polenta, parmesan and coddled egg aioli.

22. Sink your teeth into a fancier version than your 3am snack with a gyro from Kefi Souvlaki & Pizza Bar in Kingsgrove. The soft shell crab and pork belly are our picks. 

23. The don't-knock-it-till-you-try-it Australian pizza from Lucky's & Pep's in Dee Why, with scrambled egg, bacon and mountains of cheese. 

24. Literally everything off the menu at Mary's, and yes, the melted cheese-topped Bloody Mary is compulsory. 

25. The full buffet at Grandma's Little Bakery, that allows you to stuff yourself silly until your sore head is but a distant memory. 

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Image Credits: Tanya Lee, Bondi Picnic, The Oaks Hotel

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