8 of the Best Loaded Fries In Sydney

By Sophia Fukunishi
29th Oct 2014

There are fries and then there are loaded fries. Y'know, the kinds of fried potatoes that are layered with all sorts of melty, saucy goodness. They're fries on steroids and we can't get enough of them. 

We consumed more fried potato than any human should to find you the best loaded fries from some of the best restaurants in Sydney.

Hartsyard | Newtown

Did someone say beer sauce? Hartsyard's poutine involves fried potato (obvs), braised beef shin, and beer and cheese sauce, which all comes together to make a meaty, cheesy, potatoey mess that's insanely good to eat.

Snag Stand | Westfield Sydney

Go to Snag Stand for the hot dogs and stay for the chilli cheese fries. These bad boys are loaded with chilli beef sauce and topped with cheese, chipotle aioli, and paprika and are heart-stoppingly tasty.

Mr Crackles | Darlinghurst

Oh Mr Crackles, where would we be without your salty and delicious crackling? Not only do they do crackling and some of the best rolls in Sydney, they also make fries even better by adding their roast pork and crackling to create crispy pork nacho fries. Just saying the name has got us salivating.

Chica Bonita | Manly

Come to us, carne asada fries. Topped with steak, cheese, guacamole, and salsa, you aren't pretty by any stretch of the imagination, but you're absolutely beautiful to our taste buds. 

Zeus Street Greek | Drummoyne

Alright, alright, the Uncle 'Tzimmy' Classic lamb pita isn't exactly loaded fries but (and this is a big, delicious but) there are fries loaded inside the pita, which in our books makes this one for the list and not to be missed.

Milk Bar By Café Ish | Redfern

The food gods must have been feeling a little crazy when they came up with the concept of pizza fries. Exactly as it sounds, picture pizza topping atop a bowl of hot fries. Interesting idea, but don't wear a white shirt to consume said pizza fries. You will live to regret it (although not the choice to eat them in the first place).

The Stuffed Beaver | Bondi

This Canadian joint in Bondi serves up some of the best North American food this side of the Pacific. The Stuffed Beaver's poutine comes with fries, gravy, and melted cheese and will leave you rubbing your belly with a confusing mix of satisfaction and guilt, kind of like the last time you watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The Soda Factory | Surry Hills

We can't get enough of chilli cheese fries and the ones at The Soda Factory in Surry Hills do 'em how we like 'em—shoestring fries topped with chilli beef and a tonne of cheese. In short, we want them and we want them NOW. 

Oh, you hungry little things, you! Be sure to click here for more of Sydney's best restaurants and cafes.

Image credit: Snag Stand

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