8 Reasons We’re Addicted To Pilates

By Anna May
31st Oct 2014

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After spending years searching for the best Pilates in Sydney, we breathed a sigh of relief when a shining beacon of hope opened up shop, so we jumped at the chance to check out the recently-opened KX Pilates studio in Surry Hills and were instantly addicted, finding our new go-to place to exercise and de-stress in an environment that is free from men who resemble firm clouds wearing tight singlets. 

Sure, the idea of lying down and lifting your limbs for 50 minutes may not sound as intense as a gym class, but after one session, our muscles burned and our legs felt like rubber. And we're pretty sure KX founder, class leader and master trainer Aaron Smith donned an evil grin as he watched us hobble down Foveaux Street. That's right, Pilates has got us hooked, and we guarantee you'll soon fall under its spell. 

To sweeten the deal, the guys at KX Pilates are offering an incredibly thrifty introductory offer of 5 classes for $50 – saving you a cheeky hundred bucks and toning your behind for the two-week period at the same time – win! 

The workouts aren't easy by any means, but you'll walk out feeling like a new, stronger and taller person after just one session. After 30, you'll have a brand new bod to show off. We had to narrow it down, but here are just eight reasons we're utterly addicted to Pilates:


After a few weeks of Pilates, your energy levels will skyrocket. No more 3pm 'can't keep my eyes open, pass me the chocolate' and no more pressing the snooze button five times in the morning. Aaron himself told us that, apart from toning your bum, Pilates works to benefit the nervous system by increasing blood circulation.


You know that Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston kind of body we all lust over? Yeah, you can thank Pilates for that. Repeating small but intense movements creates a physique that Aaron describes as "lean and balanced" without making you too stocky or bony. You'd really hope this is true after the searing burn in your muscles during a class, and it is. You can literally feel your body getting stronger with every flex, stretch and lift.


After a few weeks on the reformer, your stress levels will plummet and you'll be as chilled as a polar bear's toenail. The endorphins released in a class combined with correct, focused breathing leave you in a calm, collected state of mind where nothing will get underneath your (incredibly toned) skin. 


Aaron assures us that regular sessions can help your, ahem, bedroom prowess. Not only does Pilates improve your fitness and stamina, it aids in strengthening pelvic floor muscles and increases blood flow to the area,  working to enhance your bendy flexibility, all the while teaching complete control of your hip movements – you get the gist. Most importantly, Pilates helps you to really get in touch with your body and its movements so you're always fully present in the moment… Cue Marvin Gaye music.  


If you're chained to the desk all day, or just suffer from back pain, Pilates is a great way to have you hunching less. By working to align your spine and hold your muscles correctly, Pilates can improve your posture and whisk away back pain or that pesky after-work stiffness.


If you really set your mind to consistent Pilates classes, get ready for some serious muscle definition. Say goodbye to your wobbly bits and say hello to your newly defined bod that is curved in all the right places.


Who doesn't envy the person who can get away with an extra treat or two? Luckily, the movements in a KX Pilates class are designed to build your muscles by pumping lots of fresh oxygen into them, all the while stimulating your organs and eliminating the nasty toxins that slow down your metabolism, turning it into a fat burning machine. 


Group fitness classes tend to be repetitive, but Pilates focuses on shorter stints of more targeted movements. This is not to say it's easy, oh no, the workout is difficult and you'll probably discover 10 new muscles in the one class, but there will be no nasty 'last one, we promise', before another three sets.

Keen to give it a go? Of course you are. Take up KX Pilates on the introductory 5 classes for $50 offer and see how long it takes you to convert! You can thank us later.

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