9 CrossFit Myths, Busted!

By Anna May - 12 Dec 2014

If you think CrossFit isn’t for you, you’re probably wrong.

We understand, Listers, CrossFit may be intimidating. Plenty of people are put off thinking that they’re not fit enough or that they don’t want to be that person who comes in last in a group workout.

Thankfully, CrossFit Ignite gives you a haven outside the world of competitive alpha types and the super fit, and offers a supportive environment that is focused on how you perform, not how you look. Which, they tell us, is their secret to looking great.

We spoke to Darren Shaw, one of the early adopters of the CrossFit lifestyle and owner of CrossFit Ignite in Waterloo, about the real benefits of the workout, and the difference between typical CF and the CrossFit Ignite approach. He managed to bust a fair few of our fears along the way, too.

1. CrossFit Doesn’t Have To Be Competitive

Many people want to get fit or mix up their training regime, but deterred by the competitive nature of CrossFit. However, Darren assures us it doesn’t have to be so competitive, “you can do it at your own pace, without the pressure of coming up on top, and still get all the benefits of the workout”. Whew!

2. CrossFit Can Be Tailored To Your Goals

You may have noted that most CrossFit gyms operate by doing a single ‘workout of the day’ (WOD) that is the same for everyone, with scaled weights to make it easier or harder. Darren says, “this is great for some, but not for most. The CF Ignite team sits down with members to understand their goals and writes a personalised program that suits your levels and goals”.

3. CrossFit Ignite Is a Gym (Box) Without Marketing or Sales

Unlike many other gyms that lure you in with a friendly smile from a trained salesman posing as a trainer, CrossFit Ignite Boxes are owned and operated by trainers who are passionate about fitness, not making a fortune. So you won’t fine the pushy sales speak, just a refreshing approach that won’t give you bill shock.

4. Weights Make You Leaner Than Cardio

One of the many reasons CrossFit produces men and women with lean, toned bodies is because there is a lot of lifting involved in the program. Before you wince, Listers, strength training with weights actually makes you leaner and stronger than cardio; be it your own body or an object, this type of strength training results in that coveted hard-body look.

5. CrossFit Is More Beneficial To Those That Are Less Fit

Intense gyms are intimidating for those who aren’t so limber, we know, but Darren swears, “the less fit participants actually benefit more from CrossFit because it has a ‘shock’ effect on the body, making you shred faster”.

6. You Don’t Need To Do Classes

There are a lot of benefits to classes, but at the same time they don’t suit everyone, especially if you can’t commit to a scheduled time or if group fitness isn’t your cup of tea. “At CF Ignite, you can train when it suits you, under the guidance of a professional trainer”, Darren assures us.

7. Technique Trumps Intensity

There’s no doubting that CrossFit is renowned for its hard-core workouts, but Darren is a staunch believer that “your CF technique is far more important than the intensity of the workout when it comes to achieving the best results and longevity in your exercise”.

8. It’s Not Expensive

No, really. As CrossFit is closer to personal training than typical gym workouts, you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck with CrossFit Ignite. Says Darren, “every time you work out, you are working with a trainer who knows your goals and strengths, which is effectively a personal trainer.”

9. It Makes You Smile More!

“I’m not sure what it is, but CrossFitters seem to be happier than those training elsewhere,” says Darren, smiling to himself as he tells us. “It’s all down to the supportive environment that you find in CrossFit gyms”.

Sold? Get in touch with Darren at CrossFit Ignite and let him change your mind about this fitness trend. Or check out the website for a free trial.

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Image credit: Tanya Lee

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