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How To Achieve Perfect Balayage

By Ellie Schneider
29th Oct 2014

Spring is the perfect time to start fresh with a new look. And while trends might come and go, balayage is still one of the most requested looks in salons today. In case you've been living under a rock, balayage, taken from the French word meaning "to sweep", is the technique in which colour is applied by hand to create natural-looking highlights. It's low-maintenance, creates depth and leaves you with a gorgeous sun-kissed finish.

To get the perfect balayage we always trust the ultra talented team at one of Sydney's best hairdressersPeople Hairdressing. These stylists and colourists have a long-standing rep on Australia's Next Top Model, The Voice, MTV Australia Awards, and Australian Idol and are revered amongst Sydney's fashion set. Here, People's Ciaran Capuano shares his top tips for achieving the perfect balayage.

1. Hair Condition

Your hair should be in fairly good condition and not over-processed through previous chemical treatments. Remember, you are going to have your mid-lengths and ends, usually the driest part of your hair, chemically treated so you want to make sure it's strong and hydrated for the best effect. This will ensure a polished result and retain the tone between visits.

2. Hair Cut And Style

You should always have your hair cut first. There's nothing worse than spending time and money creating a great piece of art only for it all to be cut off.  Also, learn how to wear the colour in different ways, whether it is wavy, curly, textured or natural. After all balayage is a versatile look.

3. Is It Achieveable?

To the already full head coloured or tinted ladies, colour on colour is hard to remove from hair. It needs pre-lightening and can dry and damage the hair if left in the wrong hands. Listen to your technician and be realistic with your colour choice, as it is important that the colour selection can be worn against your complexion, and is achievable given the colour history already in your hair.

4. Pick Your Type Of Balayage

If you are low maintenance with long hair and grown out layering around the front, then you can have balayage twice a year and still look fabulous! It is designed for easy management after all, so you can say goodbye to the days of bad regrowth. If you are trending a shoulder length tousled look, you should have it done after every two to three haircuts. For natural looks that aren't too heavy, balayage will blend with your natural hair colour. For those more daring who want to play around with a few fashion shades at the same pace as the traffic, then you're going to need a blank canvas to work on.

Remember ladies, balayage should always look seamless no matter how subtle or strong. If the graduation of colour is utterly flawless, you will end up looking and feeling flawless too!

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Image credit: Tanya Lee and Rebekah Schott

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