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Introducing Sydney’s Beauty Experts

By Anna May
11th Nov 2014

If you live in Sydney, odds are you've been through upwards of 30 beauticians, waxers, brow specialists, manicurists and make-up artists that have promised to de-hair, de-blemish, de-pale and de-cuticle you better than anyone else, and have walked out feeling a bit less than perfect. Sound familiar? All is not lost, Listers, we recently became acquainted with the confirmed experts at Aleisha-Jane Beauty in Surry Hills, and we finally found our beauty Mecca. Can we get a HALLELUJAH?!

Located smack bang in the middle of the bustling area where Darlinghurst meets Surry Hills, Aleisha-Jane Beauty offers far more than your usual in-and-out beautician; it's the kind of place where your beautician becomes your bestie after five minutes. 

If your skin is looking a bit blah, and your usual routine just isn't doing the trick, treat yourself to microdermabrasion resurfacing treatment, IPL rejuvenation or glycolic skin treatment peel to leave your face looking plump, toned and smoother than Ryan Gosling's bum.

When it comes to the Brazilian wax, we understand things can be awkward, painful and sometimes it can feel like you're lying on that table with your legs spread for over an hour. Cringe. Luckily, the Aleisha-Jane team have it down to a fine science and are proud to offer the seven-minute Brazilian wax. Yes, you heard correctly. You can be in and out before the barista next door is finished frothing your coffee and slicing your sandwich. 

Is your braz ship shape, but your brows looking little too much like Bert from Sesame Street? Fear not, Aleisha-Jane and her team of specialists are some of the best eyebrow shapers in Sydney, and will have them looking full, shaped and even in no time. We went in for a brow consultation, and witnessed the meticulous attention to detail first-hand. These guys are proper experts in the brow game, and what we thought would be a tidy-up ended with a brand new set of wonderfully shaped and perfectly full brows in under 15 minutes, and not a second of wincing pain or a single tear.  

To cap off the experience, we spent a coveted hour with Belinda, Aleisha-Jane's professional, Sydney-based make up artist, who took our look from post-work panda eye to take-on-the-world in one hour-long session, all the while teaching us invaluable tips and tricks long the way. You'll have to be organised if you want to snag Belinda, though – she's only available by appointment – but she'll come to you for anything you need, whether it's bridal make up in Sydney, a hens night activity, or just some glam for a special occasion. 

It's a bit too easy to get lost in the paradise that is a well-run beauty salon, and we just couldn't help but share it with you. Get in fast, Listers!

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Image credit: Tanya Lee
e-news credit: Modern Clown

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