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Read This Before Changing Your Hair Colour

By Ellie Schneider
3rd Dec 2014

If you’re like us and want to change your hair colour faster than the seasons, you’re probably already well acquainted with one of the best hairdressers in Sydney. DD&Co. need little introduction. With a vast portfolio that includes the likes of Hello May magazine and an Instagram feed that makes us swoon, we’re feeling pretty tempted to make the plunge and go pink, or blonde, or blue… It’s just too darn overwhelming! No one said choosing the right shade would be easy.

Luckily, help is here. We caught up with the uber-talented Ben DiDonato from DD&Co., to garner his top tips for changing your hair colour. Just take a look at the steady stream of clients walking out with fabulously striking hair, and you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

The Hair Journey

For some clients we recommend that they take a slow approach to achieve the hair colour they’re after as it will lead to longer lasting results and leave the hair in a better condition overall. That said, depending on your hair, you might be able to get the results straight away. We recently had a new client with yellow blonde hair who was going through the process of going white. Her hair hadn’t evolved into the look she wanted for over a year, and her old stylist could only push it so far. We were able to work on a solution that had immediate results without the damage, this made for one happy client!

The Big Pink

Today, the professional workplace has changed drastically, and creativity with your hair is no longer taboo. Tattoos, pink hair and beards are common within most professions, but we’d recommend that you check out the vibe of your boss before you go for the Big Pink or Blue. We love converting people to bright candy hair, so when you're ready let us know. Make sure you're locked in and happy with your choice of hair colour, because blue hair is going to stick around for a while! It takes a long time to wash out. Pink, on the other hand, fades nicely into a light peach and then reverts back to the original hair colour. We use Bleach London and are one of a few who have access to this product in Australia.

Be Prepared

Please don't come to the salon like you would when your trying to dress for a night out… You know, trying on a millions clothes and leaving them scattered around your room. Come prepared! Bring some photos of celebs that look like you, not whom you wish you looked like. We're good but we're not that good! If you have a clear idea of what you want, it means we will be able to work better with you to get the best results.


Changing your hair to something bright, or even just going from brown to blonde can also means changing your attitude. This means a new wardrobe, new makeup and basically anything that’s going to enhance that wow factor. Pinterest and Tumblr are great platforms to get a feel for how to dress with your new hair, attitude and life. When you change your hair, your whole life changes!

DIY Don’ts

The chemist or supermarket kits might be cheap, but trust us they will cost you loads more in the long run! At DD&Co., we’ve trained for a minimum of four years to perfect the art of colouring hair, and have continued studying with overseas courses like Vidal Sassoon. Dying your own hair and messing it up means you're entering into that process phase, meaning it’s susceptible to extreme damage. We all have heard about that one person who bleached all their hair off and it hasn’t grown back for eight years! We wouldn’t risk it.

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Image credit: DD&Co.

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