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Sydney, It’s Time To Par-Tay! Kinda

By Simone Jovel
8th Dec 2016

Keep Sydney Open Rally

Why hello there friends. Did you know that today is a bloody great day to live in the best (self proclaimed) city in Australia? Well it is. Because today, we’ve all been given the go ahead to have an extra couple of frosès— Sydney’s lockout laws are finally being ‘relaxed’.

Before you go getting overly excited (we certainly did) here are the facts. Similar to kicking back and relaxing with a scotch on the rocks (not really), the Baird Government has announced a two-year trial period where Sydney’s lockout laws will start half an hour later, at 2am and last drinks will be called at 3:30am. You’ll also be able to pick up a carton as late as 11pm (control yourselves) and get your booze delivered right up until witching hour (midnight).

Whilst we wait and see what happens next, here are some places you can go dancing that don’t suck. Hot tip: get there before 2am. 

Image credit: Keep Sydney Open

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