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Sydney’s Best Brazilian Waxes

By Sophia Fukunishi
4th Dec 2014

Best Brazilian waxes in Sydney
Brazilian waxes aren’t something everyone likes to talk openly about (unless you work in the Urban List office where nothing’s off limits), but for those who like their nether-regions smooth and hair free, finding a good and reliable Brazilian waxer is pretty important stuff. You don’t want just anyone messing around down there, you want the best. 
With this in mind, here is our hit list of the best Brazilian waxers in Sydney.

Aleisha-Jane Beauty
Surry Hills

Gone are the painful days of the hour-long Brazilian wax (thank goodness!). Understanding that no one wants to have the hairs ripped out from certain areas for longer than necessary, the girls at Aleisha-Jane Beauty are senior trained experts in the waxing field, and have got the Brazilian down to a quick 5-7 minutes. But don’t let their speed fool you, they’re extremely professional, thorough and will leave you silky smooth - you’re in good hands!

Eyebrow Experts
Double Bay

Not only tending to your eyebrows, Eyebrow Experts are also experts in the field of Brazilian waxing. You may walk in looking a bit like a forest, but you’ll be sure to leave looking like a neatly manicured lawn.

Mirror Mirror Beauty
Surry Hills

Located in a converted terrace in the heart of Surry Hills, Joyce Isley of Mirror Mirror Beauty provides a personalised and professional service for every one of her clients. All waxing treatments include in-grown hair and growth retardant to reduce icky in-grown hairs and to keep you hairless for longer.

Les Smooth
Milsons Point

Well, the name says it all. If you want to be silky smooth, Les Smooth is your go-to. Specialising in Bro-zilians (yep, that’s a thing) and female Brazilian waxing (sorry ladies, no pun for you), the folks at Les Smooth will have you feeling at ease as soon as you walk through the door.

Diva Beauty

When a salon’s signature treatment is a Brazilian, then you know you’re in safe hands. With a competitive price point and attention to detail (let’s not ignore the importance of that), Diva Beauty is the spot to head to when looking for a Brazilian wax in Sydney’s inner west.


Conveniently located in the CBD, city workers can pop out in their lunch hour and no one will be the wiser. At Ayurve they use a specialised hot strip wax that ensures clean removal of the hair with minimal amount of pain—and when it comes to waxing, that’s what we really want.
Image credit: We Are Handsome

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