Where To Get Your Nutella Fix In Sydney

By Ellie Schneider
4th Nov 2014

When we originally heard the news of an impeding global Nutella shortage (a couple of months back), we were hit with a bout of total panic. It was the end of the world as we knew it. A world where we could devour spoonfuls of spread straight from the jar without judgment would be no more. Because who doesn't like Nutella? We didn't want to be a part of this bleak, new Nutella-less world. And so, we scoured the city high and low to find some dependable spots to get our Nutella fix, shortage or otherwise.

Welcome The Lab Cafe. Hidden beneath the stairs at Martin Place, The Lab not only serves some of the best coffee in Sydney but also offers some darn amazing Nutella creations. Think a biscuit sandwich filled with a thick layer of Nutella, the yummiest brownie you've ever tasted, a comforting Nutella hot chocolate, Nutella-made mochas and so on and so forth. There's also a small selection of tarts, custard-filled doughnuts, muffins, cookies and croissants to fulfill any non-Nutella sugar cravings.

Run by the friendly folk at Di Lorenzo, this tiny takeout joint does a roaring trade. Yes, it seems we're not the only Nutella-heads in the city. Coffees are pumped out in Di Lorenzo's iconic red and white striped cups and boast a rich, smooth flavour. It's the perfect accompaniment to one of their tasty, chocolate morsels. Not in the CBD? Don't cry, The Lab can also be found in Neutral Bay, Edgecliff and Mascot, so you can always get your daily fix.

And finally, the rumours of a looming Nutella shortage have now been put to rest (thank the hazelnut gods!), but our chocolate cravings have certainly not. Lucky for us, we know a lab that's full of it.

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Image credit: Kit Baker

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