10 Of Brisbane’s Best Blowout Breakfasts

By Rachel Lay
13th Mar 2016

You know that feeling when you consume your week’s worth of calories in one sitting? And that sitting is breakfast? Nope? Just us?

If you’re yet to try the experience we have kindly nick named ‘the blowout breakfast’ then fret not breakfast boffin, we’ve put together a list of 10 of Brisbane’s most calorific breakfasts to kick your cheat day off to a roaring start.

#1 Ben’s Burgers Breakfast Burgers

Ben’s Burgers do a damn good burger, there’s no denying that. Oft confined to the PM, burgers have no time constraints in the TUL office. We’re totally OK when we get our day’s calorie intake from one of these because they taste that good.  We can’t pick a fave of their brekky offering either, so we sometimes get both.

#2 Charming Squire Eggs Benny Croissant

A croissant and hollandaise sauce are some of our fave buttery breakfast goodies – so imagine our delight when Charming Squire combined the two into an eggs benny croissant extravaganza. Heaven.

#3 Lurleen’s at Sirromet Winery Once In A Life Time Breakfast

The name really does say it all. Sirromet's does up a steamed fresh half lobster, smoked salmon, truffle, caviar, poached eggs and asparagus come together to create this divinely extravagant breakfast should not be restricted to being indulged in only ‘once in a lifetime.’

#4 Paw Paw's Breakfast Burrito

Burritos that are designed for breakfast are great because they include all the things that we love about burritos, plus those telltale ingredients that make them socially acceptable to eat at breakfast.

#5 Cowch

Pretty much everything on the menu at Cowch works for breakfast. The waffle bowls in particular (bacon ice cream anyone?) take our fancy. But let’s be real, anything you order here has you set for the ultimate brekky blowout.

#6 Groove Café’s Potato Waffle Eggs Benny

Potato waffles are enough to have you promising you’ll go for a jog (a walk) already, but when you add eggs benny into the mix things reach mega proportions. Thanks Grove Cafe!

#7 Merriweather’s Crumpets

Merriweather’s crumpets are quite the decadent affair. With lashings of honeycomb butter you’ll get your weekly quota of butter right up.  But don’t worry there’s fruit too so its healthy…except they’re caramelized figs.

#8 Morning After Café’s Breakfast Carbonara

Morning After Café’s carbonara is the most decadent start to the day. Papardelle, 63 degree egg, field mushrooms and all the cheese will have you set for the day!

#9 Canvas’ Breakfast Cocktails

Breakfast cocktails have got to be considered a blowout. Thankfully the legends at Canvas have their own menu of breakfast cocktails that surpasses the regular Bloody Mary offering.

#10 Salt Café’s Mixed Grill

You know things are getting real when you’re ordering steak pre 9am. Salt Café’s mixed grill is what to order in that situation: sirloin steak, lamb fillet, pork chipolatas, bacon, halloumi, grilled tomato, rosemary jus, sourdough and poached eggs. We’re guessing that should keep you full for a while…

Image credit: Lisa Brooke


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