10 Of Brisbane’s Best Gluten Free Breakfasts

By Catherine Blake
24th Jul 2015


Merriweather Cafe | Image credit: Daniel Maddock

Living life off gluten is a tough racket. That little blighter is lurking literally everywhere and has the potential to completely upturn your canoe. Navigating lunch and dinner without encountering gluten is hard enough, but where does it get off gatecrashing breakfast? Gluten is the worst…and its dastardly effects on our gastronomics are decidedly unwelcome.

Forego the fear of breakfast and check out these 10 incredible Brisbane breakfasts that are unexpectedly gluten-free:

1. Blueberry and ricotta hotcakes at Lost Boys

What is this sorcery? Our friends at Lost Boys have earned a special place in heaven for defying the laws of baking and creating gluten-free hotcakes. The blueberry and ricotta hotcakes give their glutinous counterparts a run for their honey and come served with fresh cream, maple syrup and blueberry compote. Their next venture is a fat-free cure for polio. 

2. Green chilli scrambled eggs at Picnic Cafe

Aptly dubbed the Green Hornet, this Picnic Café’s breakfast number comes armed with sting. The addition of Meredith sheep’s milk yoghurt makes this gluten free breakfast dairy free as well. Did I mention that it also comes with polenta chips? Well, it also comes with polenta chips…

3. Sweet potato and halloumi fritters at Rare Pear

Hefty breakfasts often come packed with gluten, but thanks to the grill sergeants at the Rare Pear we can still get that same satisfaction without the gluten. Their sweet potato and halloumi fritters come with two poached eggs, beetroot hummus, asparagus, roasted cherry tomatoes, dukkah and herb crème fraiche.

4. Potato and caramelised onion hash at Merriweather Cafe

The champions of breakfast munch at Merriweather Café have done it again, sans gluten. Their potato and onion hash really hits the spot and comes with streaky bacon, a poached egg and generous dollops of their own apple relish. So very moreish we recommend ordering two serves.

5. Nodo Donuts

In the past months, Brisbane’s donut scene has really exploded but now it’s starting to do us some damage – our appetites are whetted but our common sense stands in the way of deep-fried dough for breakfast. The perfect solution comes courtesy of Nodo Donuts, baked daily with absolutely no dough to speak of. They’ll be opening the doors to their own bakery in Newstead soon; in the meantime, chase them down at their various suppliers

6. Bacon and eggs at Gerard's Bistro

The all-protein breakfast standard, who doesn’t love a plate of eggs and bakey? The only problem is that anyone with an egg flip can figure out how to make it themselves at home and save the hassle of leaving the house. For something completely revolutionary and gluten free check out the 63 degree eggs with smoked bacon mousse and maple toasted buckwheat, available on weekends at Gerard’s Bistro and totally worth putting on pants for.

7. Smoked trout and potato hash at Ashton and Old

Good comfort food is a rare find; fortunately for us it also happens to be Ashton & Old’s specialty. For breakfast we love their smoked trout (smoked at Hahndorf’s Harris Smokehouse) and potato hash with creamed corn and poached eggs. So, so tasty and, of course, no gluten in sight.

8. Rolled omelette at Mondo Organics

Gluten seems to be the only thing that isn’t included in Mondo Organics' amazing breakfast omelette. Packed full of flavour with mixed sprouts, tamari, cress, chilli, brown rice and tomato sugo, Mondo makes us weak.

9. Cocowhip at Pawpaw Cafe and Pineapple Express

The phenomenon of Cocowhip has swept its way to sunny Brisbane, slowly reforming our attitudes towards ice cream at breakfast. Devoid of all dairy, soy, sugar, nuts and gluten Cocowhip runs on the pure power of coconut to whip you into a chilly-sweet breakfast frenzy to rival açai. Get yours at Pawpaw Café and the newly opened Pineapple Express.

10. Smoked eggs and duck at Goodness Gracious Cafe

Almost everything on the menu at Goodness Gracious can be made gluten free, but one dish that really stands out for us is their smoked eggs and duck prosciutto with leek hay, truffle aioli and artichoke. We love it because it’s a tasty savoury departure from the usual gluten free offerings and confirms our ardent beliefs that it is never too early for duck prosciutto. 

Want more of the best gluten-free cafes in Brisbane? Search 'gluten-free' in our Directory!

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