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10 Slow Cooker Recipes To Try

By Sophia McMeekin
21st May 2014

The approach of winter means only one thing: it's time to start slow cookin'! What was once a terminally uncool appliance, the slow cooker has had a fashionable resurgence in the last few years, and now bringing out the old Crock Pot is cause for serious joy in the tummy department — not culinary condemnation.

We think slow cookers are ace because they allow you to be a supremely lazy human while still coming off like a gastronomical wunderkind in the kitchen. 

It's usually as simple as chop, throw in pot, then go shopping/play a game of squash/watch five new episodes of Game of Thrones and et voila! (And with our neat-o whole chicken slow cooker recipe, you can pretty much forget about the chopping part! See below.)

To celebrate slow-cooker season, we've found some of our favourite slow-cooker recipes from around the internets, some of the healthy, some of them not so much. Happy slow cooking season, y'all!

(We've also found some of our fave slow-cooked meals in Brisbane, in case you are so monumentally lazy busy, you can't be bothered doing the cooking yourself.)

Brisbane's best slow cooked meals

Brisbane's best slow-cooked fare comes to the fore in winter, and is best shared with friends (and a bottle of vino!). We recommend you get your mitts on Gerard's Bistro's beef brisket, which can — and should be — eaten with a fork, it's that melting and delicious.

Public's saltbush lamb shoulder is the king pin of this share plate CBD eatery's menu, while Hatch & Co's pork collar with baked apple, kale and fennel is a sight to behold.

Slow Cooker Recipes From Around The Web

Ok, we know you're probably getting sick of pulled pork, but this torn apart meat is perfect slow cooker fodder. We love practically everything about Spoon Fork Bacon's recipes, so we know their slow cooked pickled pulled pork sandwiches are going to be goodies. And, because one pulled pork sandwich is not nearly enough, here's the New York Times' version.

Paleos, here's one for you: Nom Nom Paleo's whole chicken and gravy slow cooker recipe is the perfect winter warmer, and won't have you busting out of your jeans.

Another nutritious and delicious one-pot wonder, The Brown Paper Bag's one pot fish bake is easy peasy to make, and will have you feeling warm and cosy in no time.

Any recipe that begins with the phrase 'caremalised pork belly' is going to be a winner, so impress the crowds at your next get together with Kylie Kwong's caremalised pork belly and Chinese coleslaw recipe.

Ribs rule. And they were made to be slow-cooked. This ribs recipe by BBC Food is simple to make, and makes for the ultimate finger food. Just don't forget the napkins.

One from the Queen of whole food and clean eating, Gwyneth Paltrow herself, this Goop recipe for slow cooked kale, pancetta, breadcrumbs with poached eggs would make a killer breakfast!

Taco Tuesday doesn't need to stop just because the temperature has dropped below Mexican standards. These slow-cooked pork tacos will have you cracking out the tequila in no time.

Ragus are an impossible to beat pasta topper when the mercury drops. This Italian pork ragu recipe is just like Nonna used to make.

Vegetarians delight: this slow cooked broccoli rabe makes a delicious mess of your most hated childhood vegetable. 

Image credits: NY Times

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