11 Healthy Snacks To Keep on Your Desk

By Sophia McMeekin
24th Apr 2014

We're blessed, here at The Urban List office, in that we're constantly being bombarded with treats from perky PR girls. Lemon curd donuts at morning tea time, boxes of brownies, and unexpected pizza deliveries for lunch are our bread and butter (literally).

And while we deeply appreciate all of the free food that lands on our desks during the week, it can lead to sugar highs, guilt-induced fasting sessions, and generally wreck our good intentions, which typically peak at 9:15 Monday morning and go downhill from there.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of snack-age to be noshing on between meals we could use some help. What we really need are a low-sugar, low-GI, tasty, filling somethingsomethings that live on our desks and render the 3pm sugar hit unappealing. So — because shopping is what we do in times of crisis — we went in search of the best (mostly healthy) office snacks. Here's what we found:

Chic Nuts Roasted Chickpeas

Slightly salty, very crunchy, and free from any added nasties, these little balls of bliss are high in protein and fibre, and 6 of their 9 grams of fat is unsaturated. #nomnom

Cocobella Coconut Water

Hello, hydration! Loved by yoga babes and smoothie-drinkers, coconut water is naturally rich in electrolytes, which are important to replace after exercise/walking to the kitchen for that third cup of tea. And it has no fat and no added sugar. Woop.


So you know how you are only allowed two pieces of a fruit a day, and it's like, rully sad because fruit is delish and like, nature's bag of lollies? Well, here's the hot tip: one 'serve' of berries is equal to one and a half cups of whichever variety of these little suckers you choose! (As opposed to lame fruits like bananas where one serve equals half a banana). That's 20 small strawberries. That's freaking madness!

Smoked Almonds

Did you know that 20 almonds is a serve of protein? Did you know that smoked almonds are even more delish that the regular kind? Did you know that munching on almonds too loudly is guaranteed to make your colleagues want to staple things to your face? Take notes, kids.

Banjo The Carob Bear

So cute, you could eat him, Banjo is made with all natural ingredients, and has seven times the amount of fibre than your average choco bar. He also has no caffeine, bucket-loads less sugar than regular chocolate (like, one and a half times less), and contains vitamin A. B, B2, B3 & D. Plus, he's yummy!

Protein Balls

Sitting at around 100 cals per ball, protein balls are a yumbo spherical snack, and are one of those things that are totally appropriate to make at home and bring to the office to win brownie points (because heaven forbid you try and win brownie points with actual brownies).

Almond Butter Spread 

Fans of peanut butter, take note: almond butter is nutritionally superior to your favourite paste, and makes a killer snack when spread on a hearty low-cal cracker, like a Ryvita. Almond butter has more iron, vitamin E and calcium than peanut butter, and is a great source of protein, fibre, and fatty acids. Mmm, acids.


Or 'pickles', as they are reffered to by Hipsters and Americans, are a very with-it, very now snack. They are also relatively low cal, and contain folate, Vitamin A, calcium and iron. Unfortunately, they are also high in sodium, so try to resist polishing off the jar. If you want to be a total show off, you can even try making your own

Fresh Blueberries

See above RE: berries and how many are an acceptable amounts to nosh on (answer: loads). Add to this happy information the fact that these spheres of blue cost approximately 35c each, and you will really appreciate each antioxidant-packed nibble.

Turkey Jerky

This dehydrated snack, as well as being really fun to say, is high in protein and low in fat. It's also a great option for those avoiding red meat. Gobble gobble.

Coyo Coconut Yoghurt

Coyo may be higher in energy and fat that regular full-fat yoghurt, but it is possibly the most delicious thing you will ever eat, so get over it and try to limit your serving size (less than 100 grams at a time is enough to keep you good-and-satisfied). The fact that this creamy goodness is vegan, lactose free, gluten free, dairy free, and has no added sugar is a PLUS, but we'd eat it for the flavour alone.

Image Credits: French Frosting, The Simple Veganista, Pinterest, Life Ambrosia, Just Add Sparkles, Twitter, Full Measure of Happiness, Digi Food, Ann Street Studio, Eatocracy

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