19 Things That Are So Brisbane

By Desta Cullen
21st Oct 2015

Ain’t no doubt about it, Brisbane’s a special place. Any Brisvegan worth their double-pluggers will agree that we’re a unique city with more than our fair share of quirks.

The rest of Australia may laugh at our idiosyncrasies, our politicians, our lack of daylight savings, and well, pretty much everything else but we just take it on the chin, and order another XXXX.

Yep, we love that our great northern metropolis, will always be true unto itself. And because we encourage anyone to fly their freak flag every now and then, we’ve come up with 19 things that are just so Brisbane, we wouldn’t be the same without them.

  1. ‘I don’t care if it’s 45 degrees with 90% humidity, we’re having turkey for Christmas!’
  2. ‘HJ’s Square’ is officially the designated meeting spot for all city catch ups.
  3. Oh look, the jacarandas are out again.
  4. No one knows the actual point of Stefan’s Sky Needle? Bets are on about whether it’s an alien landing spot.
  5. ‘I think I saw Stefan getting coffee this morning.’
  6. Expo ’88 is still our crowning glory.
  7. The Broncos will forever be the best, even if they aren’t winning. Go the Broncs.
  8. Most people that go to the Ekka only go to the Ekka for the showbags. How do Bertie Beetle bags still exist?
  9. Every uni student has hit the night out combo of Regatta-Royal Exchange-back-to-the-Regatta. Remember that two way glass on the men's bathroom at Regatta?
  10. The question you ask anyone from Brisbane that you meet for the first time is ‘Where did you go to school?’ no matter how long it’s been since you left school.
  11. Mango season is an actual thing—it even has its own launch event. And despite the fact that come end of summer, there’s a glut and you feel you can’t ever look at a mango again, you’ll fight to the death over the last box in your supermarket.
  12. Almost every Brisbane backyard has a resident possum family, and/or horde of bush turkeys.
  13. People still go to the Ekka, despite dicing with Ekka-flu death.
  14. You can bet someone will say ‘Let’s go to Friday’s?’ on Friday.
  15. No matter how much styling you do, your hair will be a fuzzy, humid mess when you leave your house. Guaranteed.
  16. The side of the river you were born on/reside determines everything about your life, and you fail to understand how people actually live on the other side of the river.
  17. If you haven’t been to Caxton Street at least once in your life, you aren’t really a Brisbanite. Even Angela Merkel hit the Cacko!
  18. ‘Was that Darren Lockyer?’ Is commonly uttered, especially if it’s a fit, bald guy running close to Suncorp Stadium.
  19. Regardless of the fact that we live in a floodplain, and there have been three major floods in the last 40 years, we’re still adamant they can’t happen again.  

Image credit: Manor Apartments

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