24 Reasons Australia Is The Best Country In The World

By Rachel Lay
21st Jan 2016

Funny things Australia

Australia is growing up so fast, you guys. With news that we’re almost at the 24 million Aussie mark, it’s time to celebrate! So we’ve rounded up the 24 reasons ‘Straya is just, you know, the best.

  1. Beaches. Beaches everywhere.
  2. We don’t mind living life on the edge; said beaches are full of sharks, crocodiles, fish that look like stones that will kill you and cute squishy jellyfish that will also kill you.
  3. Parlez Vous ‘Strayan? Servos, Maccas, Arvos and Bevvies are the vernacular de jour.
  4. Dazza, Wazza, Shazza – save time to enjoy the beaut Aussie weather by shortening your mate’s names.
  5. The marvel that is Kath and Kim. #Lookatmoi.
  6. The Hemsworth brothers. Miley, you’ve been warned.
  7. It’s always the perfect weather for ice cream. In fact, our desserts are all round fab. 
  8. If it’s not the perfect time for ice cream, it’s the perfect time for beer.
  9. Don’t like beer? No dramas, have a beer! We’ve got plenty of favourites. 
  10. Aussie tracksuits and budgie smugglers are the preferred uniforms of our leaders, therefore, labelling us the fashion capital of the world.  
  11. There’s always a shrimp on the barbie. Except it’s not a shrimp, it’s a prawn. And when it’s not a prawn, it’s a Bunning’s sausage sizzle.
  12. We’re all hot. We’re looking at you Harold Bishop.
  13. We’re everywhere. No matter the corner of the world you wind up in we’ll be there with a tallie and some Tim Tams ready for a yarn.
  14. We throw our selves a deece birthday party, Australia Day. AKA take a day off work, chuck on an Aussie flag and get drunk. Nice.
  15. We told Starbucks to politely rack off, and now our inimitable coffee spots reign supreme. 
  16. Our seafood is top notch. From Tuna to Yabbies, we’ve got it on lock. 
  17. Meat pies #DirtyStreetPie. From servo-scumminess to gourmet fare, the humble pie is national treasure level goodness. 
  18. Vegemite. What’s Marmite?
  19. Our culture leant itself to one of the best Simpsons episodes. Of. All. Time.
  20. Our sun is stronger than yours. Australia’s best breakfast? Simple – crack an egg on your drive way and call it a day.
  21. We seem to be under the impression that round-abouts solve all problems.
  22. We drive on the correct side of the road.
  23. Everything is actually bigger in Australia not Texas. Big Prawn, Pineapple and Merino ring a bell?
  24. Shannon Noll.

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