33 Signs You’ve Absolutely, Definitely Found Your BFF

By Martha Brooke
19th Apr 2017

You and your BFF are the ultimate duo. The likes of Starsky and Hutch, Bonnie and Clyde and Rachel and Monica have nothing on your bestie #goals.

Just like a brand new relationship, when you meet her you’ll be wondering if she could be the one and, as you go through thick and thin, sharing laughs and memories, good times and bad, chances are that she really could be your Best. Friend. Forever.

And, if she’s the one, look after her with all your heart because once you find someone who accepts you for who you are—warts and all—you’ve gotta hold on tight. 

Is she really the one? Here are 30 signs you’ve found your BFF.

1. You can fart, pee and burp in front of each other without a care in the world.

2. A day where you don’t text, call, message each other leaves a small empty hole in your heart.

3. You waltz straight into each other's houses without knocking on the front door first.

4. There’s no need to say, “make yourself at home.” Duh, your home is hers and vice versa.

5. You know everything about each other’s family and still love each other. 

6. Sunday lunches and family Christmas’s are totally for sharing.

7. They’ll take you shopping and won’t let you buy that ghastly cardigan, no matter how much you want it.

8. You can spend hours together without saying a word and it won’t be awkward.

9. They tag you in at least twenty memes, daily.

10. Even when you’re sitting right next to each other.

11. They will always say the tenth shot is a fab idea.

12. And then proceed to make their way home with you in the back of a bike taxi with Britney blaring.

13. You are a social media support blanket for each other, liking and commenting on every single post made.

14. Facebook notifications? More like BFF notifications.

15. You’ve got each other’s back and it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong.

16. You a specific album on your phone's full of your vile selfies, ready for the Facebook birthday post. Muhaha!

17. You’ve shared deep, dark secrets you’d never share with anyone else.

18. They’ve seen you at your best, and you’ve seen her at hers.

19. And the opposite. Puffy eyes and loud ugly sobs are totally loveable.

20. They’ll retake a photo with you until you both look good. True love right there!

21. You hate all of the same people, even if you don’t know them. 

22. You know their wardrobe inside out because you’ve borrowed everything at least once.

23. They give you rules of who you can't text on a night out.

24. And aren't afraid to confiscate your phone if need be.

25. They have pretended to be in a relationship with you when someone you weren't interested in tried to hit on you.

26. You don’t have to worry about been civilised around each other.

27. You both share ‘that’ look when you see a hot guy.

28. You share 'that song', which makes you both lose your shit, no matter where you might be.

29. They don't judge you for what you eat and will most likely try to get in on the action.

30. In trouble? Who are ya gonna call? Her, of course!

31.On the flip side, just received some epic news? She’s the one on speed dial.

32. You both have a memory in mind for each and every one of these points mentioned.

33. Your first thought when reading this was to put it on her FB wall.

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Image Credit: The Simple Life

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