33 Things That Will Annoy You If You Live In Brisbane

By Rachel Lay
17th Feb 2016

We love Brisbane. We know it sh*ts on Sydney and Melbourne, and we’re super proud of our quaint little city. But as with every relationship there are some things that we don’t love so much. 33 of them to be precise:

  1. Not being able to use your doona, ever.
  2. When it takes longer to drive to the beach than the time you spend there on any long weekend.
  3. Having constantly frizzy hair – damn you humidity.
  4. Constantly being asked “where did you go to school?” Even though you can barely remember your school days.
  5. When the train floods everytime it rains. Fort Val we’re looking at you.
  6. Having one ‘Central’ train station.
  7. When an Ibis snatches your lunch.
  8. Never leaving the house without seeing someone you know.
  9. Having heaps of cute winter clothes that only see the light of day one day out of 365.
  10. Coro drive from 6pm-7pm.
  11. Not actually having a decent beach in the city.
  12. Navigating through a solid 45 roundabouts on your way to work.
  13. Storm season.
  14. The crowds around HJs square.
  15. When your car gets covered with Jacaranda and then that one little petal gets stuck in your wipers.
  16. When you get stuck in the traffic at the Indro carpark for 2 hours.
  17. Having to justify which side of the city you live on.
  18. Not knowing the purpose of the Stefan tower.
  19. Our limited stock of celebrities – we’ve all seen the Veronicas out and about, how about some fresh meat?
  20. Our small town trading hours – why are places still shut on a Sunday?
  21. Not being able to venture to the other side of the river for your pride’s sake.
  22. The sound of geckos in your house driving you insane.
  23. The mating call of koalas literally scaring the shit out of you late at night.
  24. Having to make small talk about how cold it is when the mercury sits below 25.
  25. Not being able to pick where to have eggs benny. #firstworldproblems
  26. Not being able to commit to a fave doughnut spot since we have so many.
  27. Getting told by southerners that our traffic isn’t that bad…
  28. “Oh so you must know Johnno then!” as a response to confessing where ever you went to school.
  29.  Having your bins constantly inspected by a family of possums that live rent-free in your house.
  30. When everything floods.
  31.  The pressure to seamlessly wear maroon for those 3 days a year.
  32. Having to be on high level anti-germ lock down during the Ekka.
  33. Organising your work day around daylight savings. Ugh.

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