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6 Reasons To Add This Iconic Event To Your Diary, Stat

By Phoebe McRae
6th Jun 2017

If you haven’t head of Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day (on June 24), then you need to swat up. One of our absolute fave Brisbane race days, this is the social event of the year—and you better have a pretty great excuse to miss it!

As if you needed an excuse to dress up and party hard for a day with your besties, from just $20 a pop you can guarantee yourself a good time. From live entertainment, fabulous fashion, adrenalin-pumping races and loads more, we’ve put together this neat list of the 6 ultimate reasons you need to add this iconic Brisbane racing event to your diary, stat!

Who knows, you might even get lucky!

#1. It’s A Royal Affair

If the races are good enough for Will and Kate, they’re good enough for you. Steeped in history, The Tattersall’s Club race grounds are classy AF, so give yourself the full royal overhaul and act like a queen (or king) for a day. Don’t forget to practice your posture and hand wave though—obvs.

#2. You Can Frock Up For A Legit Reason

We’ve been waiting months to get dolled up for a reason and we can’t think of a better excuse than this! Not only does Tattersall’s Club Tiara Race Day scream classic race day style, it demands it. Buy that dress you’ve been eyeing up online for the past forever and go get that blow out you know you deserve.

#3. There’ll Be Booze (And Plenty Of It)

If, somehow, we haven’t convinced you yet, may we suggest booking you and your crew into stunning trackside bar, The Birdcage . Enjoy free-flowing booze—including delicious cocktails—for five hours (yep, FIVE!). If that doesn’t sound like a great day out, we don’t know what does!

#4. Your Whole Gang Will Be There

It’s a well-known thing that a day at the races is a Brisbane right of passage and this one’s the event of the year! Everyone you know and love will be there, so if you don’t go, we guarantee you’ll experience some serious social FOMO. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

#5. It’s ‘Grammable AF

No one cares about smashed avo or your latest shoe purchase anymore, LBH. It’s time to spice up your feed and make your life look a whole lot more interesting with shots of when you’re actually having a brill time (and looking the goods, too). How does the saying go? Grab your squad then peace and pout.

#6. Anything Is Better Than Another Night In The Valley

Enough said.

Grab your tickets here now. 

Editor’s Note: This article is proudly sponsored by Tattersall's Club and endorsed by The Urban List. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy.

Image credit: Tattersall's Club

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