6 Winter Workouts To Get Your Body Summer Ready

By Lauren Kavanagh
27th Jun 2014

Ok people, we get that it's winter. We also get that winter weather makes maintaining that hot summer bod almost impossible, especially if you're the outdoors-y type, or hot-chocolate inclined.

So if the thought of spending the coming summer hiding under big t-shirts and baggy pants is making you slightly anxious (not to mention your two piece!), never fear. Here's a helpful list of winter-orientated exercises in Brisbane to get you in tip-top shape before summer's back.

Crossfit Torian

Brisbane's newest edition to the Crossfit family, and the largest Crossfit gym in the southern hemisphere, Crossfit Torian, at the Brisbane Barbell Club is going to become your winter exercise fave, trust us. Don't be scared of using those muscles — a few sessions of Crossfit a week won't turn you into an Arnie prodigy. What it will do is sculpt, strengthen, and tone that bod, ready for those denim cut-offs and crop tops when summer rolls around.

Hiit Station

Interval training is all the rage right now, and for good reason! It helps you burn more calories in less time, and to improve your speed and endurance. So if you're after a work out that is guaranteed to keep you trim, taught and toned over the winter months (providing you steer clear of those Tim Tams), then Hiit Station is your new go-to! Owner Chontel Hau and her team of highly qualified trainers run 17 Hiit classes every week, inspired by Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Cultivate Calm

If the thought of spending 90 minutes practicing yoga in a heated room makes you a little nauseous, we promise there are alternatives. Cultivate Calm Yoga offers five different forms of yoga classes (minus the hot yoga), which cater for every fitness level, from expecting mothers, to the elderly, busy corporate men and women, and, of course, the die-hard fitness fanatics among us. Yoga is fab for toning those hard-to-harden spots, like your inner thighs and arms, and is a fantastic, gentle exercise to get into in winter when your limbs really need limbering up!

Trix Circus

At some point, we've all contemplated running away to join the circus. Well now you can! Trix Circus offers circus fitness classes incorporating aerial silks (yes, I did say aerial), trapeze flying, and aerial hoop! Circus fitness will not only make you stronger and fitter, but it will also improve your flexibility. It's the perfect form of exercise for winter, that we guarantee won't feel like exercise at all.

Xtend Barre

Experts say that dancing is one of the best forms of exercise out there, but what if you could combine a gym workout with a little bit of dance thrown in? The Body Refinery offer Xtend Barre classes, which incorporate balletic principles into a high intensity, vertical pilates work out that's guaranteed to get you firm. Creator Andrea Rogers implements dance elements and music into her classes in order to challenge her clients with coordination, rhythm and cardiovascular fitness (read: sexy ballerina body). Xtend Barre is a must try this winter! Your summer self will thank you for it.

Harlow Hot Yoga

Now, we all know that the hardest part about exercising in winter is the cold weather. So why not combat the freezing temperatures outside, and cosy up doing 90 mins of hot yoga? Harlow Hot Yoga offers three class levels to suit all ages and abilities, and practicing yoga in a heated room is said to release more toxins from the body, and burn more calories than a standard gym workout. Sounds pretty good to us!

Image credit: NY Daily News

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