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7 Simple Ways To Pimp Your Moonlight Cinema Experience

By Rachel Lay
4th Jan 2016

Here at The Urban List, we're all about making life easier, so we've teamed up with our pals at Bingle to bring you this super simple guide to pimping your Moonlight Cinema experience.

You’d be forgiven for thinking a night at the Moonlight Cinemas couldn’t get any better. It’s an honest mistake, you forgot about the little things that make the night so great. We teamed up with our pals at Bingle to take things up a notch with these super simple Moonlight Cinema hacks.

#1 Arrive In Style

Why not arrive in style in a Green Cab, or opt for an Uber? What ever you do keep things simple and make sure you have a DD and a way home planned so you can indulge in the venue’s extensive beer and wine options.

#2 Silence Your Noisy Stomach

One of the (many) nifty things about the Moonlight Cinemas is that their food is pretty darn good: parmesan truffle fries anyone? But if for some reason, that ain’t your thing you can also BYO food. Or, #lifehack get it delivered. The legends at Vespa Pizza are our pick for deliciousness delivered.

#3 Be A Bit Fancy

They’re a smart lot at the Moonlight Cinemas and have picked a pretty nifty location surrounded by next level nosh. To inject some extra-yum into your movie experience, why not make some pre-movie chow plans? Hit up Bar Alto if you only want great food with a view, check out Beccofino for next level Italian or swing by The Yiros Shop for tender cooked meat made the Greek way.

#4 Get In Your Zone

Sure sometimes it’s cool to be fashionably late, but we say rocking up to Moonlight Cinema a little early pays. It’s the best way to beat the crowds and have first pick at the best spot. Obviously you will have brought your comfiest pillows and fave blanket too. Remember guys, timing is everything.

#5 Sip Back And Relax

Moonlight Cinemas have the luxury of on-site alcohol. Keep it simple and hit the bar for a nice glass of wine (or beer, if that’s what you’re feeling), get comfy and enjoy the stars, moon and epic flicks.

#6 Pick The Right Flick

Picking a movie can be one of the hardest parts about going to the Moonlight Cinemas. #firstworldproblems? So avoid the squad brawl and plan ahead; it’s simple! For some serious movie cred see The Revenant, if it’s a girl’s night Clueless is the obvious choice. But if a singalong is on the cards, you can’t go past Grease or Mamma Mia. Get your tickets fast!

#7 Keep Things Going

You’ve spent all night kicking back, but now it’s time to kick things on. Keep things simple and enjoy the Moonlight Cinema precinct: head down the road the Gerard’s Bar, Sixes and Sevens or back across the park to Bar Alto. Charcuterie and cocktails await.

Image credit: Moonlight Cinemas

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