An All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken Joint Has Opened On The Southside!

By Jessica Pridmore
6th Jul 2017


Some days I think to myself, ‘I must try to stick to this whole healthy eating thing’—if only because the voice in my head goes ‘put down that doughnut! Remember, summer bodies are made in winter’. The struggle between me and, well, me, is too real…

But, today is not one of those days. Today is the day that we toss out any hope of maintaining our ‘svelte’ physiques because a freaking all-you-can eat fried chicken joint is opening in Brisbane and we can’t deal!

Let me repeat that: an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-FRIED-CHICKEN-JOINT. Is opening. In Brisbane. It begs the question how we’ve gotten this far without one, frankly?

KaiKai Chicken (or foodie Mecca, as it shall be known from here on in) has just opened in St Lucia, serving up ALL your favourite incarnations of the winged beast: Korean, American southern, Southeast Asian-style, plus 9 (yep, NINE) more delectable flavours. Oh yeah!

The best bit about KaiKai? For a set price you can rock up on an empty stomach and eat unlimited amounts of gloriously crispy fried chicken as part of their bottomless buffet. Add to that unlimited sides—we’re talking oozy mac n’ cheese, dirty fries, deep-pan lasagne, even pizza—and we’d recommend wearing something… comfortable.

If you’re feeling fancy AF you can even throw bottomless drinks into the mix (did someone say tax return perk??).

KaiKai Chicken is open every day (except Tuesdays) until late. Check out all of the details here, and in the meantime, start training that stomach.

Image credit: Brian Chan

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