Are These Things From Australia Or New Zealand?

By Phoebe Grealy
8th Feb 2016

Most of the time us Aussies and our Kiwi bros enjoy the best of both of our worlds: we love awesome Kiwi wines, skiing in Queenstown and Pineapple Lumps, while our mates over the ditch dig our great weather, holidaying at the Gold Coast and our ‘hilarious’ pronunciation of fish n’ chips.

But there are a few points of contention. A couple of important things are so awesome that both countries vie to claim them as their own. In honour of Waitangi Day in New Zealand today, we thought it prudent to find out if these things are actually from Australia or New Zealand.

#1 Pavlova

Sweet meringue topped with layers of cream, luscious berries and Kiwi fruit: who wouldn’t want to claim the trusty pav as their own invention?

New Zealand’s claim is that the Home Cookery cookbook published in 1926 contained a recipe for a ‘Meringue with Fruit Filling’. On the other hand, Aussies claim that Herbert Sasche from the Hotel Esplanade in Perth was inspired by Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova’s tutu when she visited in 1929 and created the confection in her honour.

Answer: While the name originated in Oz, it looks like NZ takes the cake here. At least we can all agree that pavlova is awesome.

#2 Russell Crowe

Before Rusty became known for his anger management issues, he was known for killing it in Hollywood blockbusters like Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, Robin Hood and L.A. Confidential.

So is he an Aussie or a Kiwi? Born in Wellington, Rusty moved to Sydney when he was just 4 years old.  But, he has remained a New Zealand Citizen ever since, because his applications for Australian Citizenship have been rejected twice! He was not accepted as an Australian national in both 2006 and 2013 because he spent so much time out of the country. Sorry mate.

Answer: Computer says Crowe is a Kiwi.

#3 Phar Lap

Known as having the biggest heart out there, thoroughbred racehorse Phar Lap captured the attention of the nation by winning race, after race, after race last century.

The contention over Phar Lap arose because the gelding was foaled on the South Island of New Zealand, but was trained and raced for the majority of his career in Australia, even winning the iconic Melbourne Cup. To confuse matters further Phar Lap’s resting place is divided between our two great nations. His mounted hide is on display at the Melbourne Museum, while his skeleton is at the Museum of New Zealand. Who wins here?

Answer: This one looks like photo finish. RIP PL.

#4 Weet-Bix

Are Aussie kids or Kiwi kids the original Weet-bix kids? While the hearty kids brekky has been popular for decades in both countries, Weet-Bix was developed by a Mr Bennison Osborne in Sydney in the mid 1920s. Following the popularity here it was swiftly introduced to the Kiwi market and factories were established in Auckland and Christchurch.

Answer: Aussie kids are the OG Weet-Bix kids.

#5 Flat Whites

Yep we know both NZ and Australia have a strong coffee game, but who came up with the iconic FW first?

In Australia, the first documented appearance of the flat white was at Moors Espresso Bar in Sydney where owner Alan Preston added it to his permanent menu in 1985. However, Kiwis claim that the flat white was invented as a result of a failed cappuccino at Café Bodega on Wellington in 1989.

Answer: This one is Aussie. But our buddies at The Urban List Auckland assure us that NZ’s flat whites are well on point.

Image credit: Pinterest

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