Are We Headed For A Beer Apocalypse?

By Rachel Lay
3rd Mar 2016

We hate to be the bearers of bad news again, but now that avo prices are back to being less than a house in Sydney, there’s more bad news. But this time it’s way more serious than avo; it affects something us Aussies hold sacred: beer.

Long story short, 2016 will see a serious shortage in hops. What this means is that larger brewers will be able to snag all the good stuff, and smaller brewers will be left with the scraps.

Breweries can’t rely on regular deliveries, which means that craft beers, including pale ales, may be a thing of the past. The positives? Not all beer needs hops – sage, myrtle and other plants can offer a unique taste. Plus, we always have yeast., right?

Who do we have to blame? The BBC reckons farmers simply can’t grow hops as quickly as we’re demanding it. Economics you guys, supply and demand.

Now – all of this info comes from the US and European markets so we’re yet to see how this affects us in Australia, but things aren’t looking so great!

How will we cope?

If all this talk of a beer shortage has you feeling thirsty, check out our article Cheers To Brisbane’s Best Craft Beers!

Image credit: Daniel Maddock

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