Bam Espresso, Fortitude Valley

By Nadia Buick
9th Aug 2013

Fortitude Valley café Bam Espresso is not your average coffee shop. While most baristas are busy obsessing over blends and grinds, Bam Espresso uses their love of coffee to do good. In the spirit of other initiatives such as The Suspended Coffee Movement, Bam Espresso turns coffee into charity. But while the Suspended Coffee Movement asks customers to 'pay forward' another coffee for someone less fortunate, Bam Espresso patrons pop their three or four coffee dollars straight into a donation bucket that goes directly to assist a number of causes locally and internationally.

One of Bam Espresso's main aims is to support Brisbane's homeless community, and it does this through a number of initiatives. One of these is the PASF (Pay A Sack Forward) campaign created by Bam Espresso. PASF assembles and distributes kits or 'sacks' for homeless people containing essentials such as blankets, tinned food, cereal, water, juice etc. One of these sacks costs $5, with donations collected at Bam Espresso, with plans to extend the campaign throughout the country. 

Aside from its impressive social conscience, Bam Espresso is also a pretty pleasant place to head for a catch-up, meeting, or a bit of study. Located on Julia Street in Fortitude Valley, not far from Alfred and Constance, Bam Espresso is an organic space where a sense of community is fostered. In keeping with the conscious consumption model that Bam Espresso promotes, the café is fitted out with recycled materials and even the coffee machine is second hand. Timber benches can be drawn on, if you're in the mood. Sweet treats are frequently baked by friends, generous regular customers, and supporters of the café, giving this place a warm and fuzzy vibe.

If you're looking for a new local, or just want to contribute to Bam Espresso's inspiring business model, be sure to take a visit and give what you can, even if it is just the change from your daily cup of coffee.

Image credit: Wellbella

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