Because She Used to Be Cool | Gifts For Your Mum

By Sophia McMeekin
7th May 2014

Because imagining your Mum as she was —a teenage rebel, or a hippie, or the class nerd, or just someone who wore miniskirts and occasionally missed her curfew— is so much fun, we've put together a list of gifts for Mum that will appeal to her inner-cool kid. 

We bring you our ultimate guide to Brisbane's Mother's Day gifts.

The Hippie Mum | Goldie Hawn

She was a peace-loving, long-haired babe, but these days she likes her first-world pleasures as much as the rest of us. She's partial to yoga, has an effortless green thumb, and you wish you had even half her sunny disposition. 

Because she's always chasing that zen-like state (and she probably knows more than she should about herbal remedies) she'll appreciate the 'Calm Down Phoebe' bed-time tea from West End Tea Co., and the totally natural, glow-inducing rose hip oil from Saya Skincare. We bet she wouldn't say no to a bubble bath in the glow of her scented soy candle from Brookfield Garden Centre, either. 

Adorn her wrists with trinkets galore, just like they did in the golden old days; the gypsy-luxe of Hipanema's Paradise bracelet pairs perfectly with the natural shapes of Dinosaur Design's Sprout Bangle.

Rose Hip Oil at Saya Skincare, $20
Calm Down Phoebe Bed Time Tea from West End Tea Co., $9.00 for 55g
Circa Scented Soy Candle at Brookfield Garden Centre, $29.95
Hipanema Paradise Bracelet at Samantha Ogilvie, from $125 to $195
Closed Sprout Bangle in Brass at Dinosaur Designs, $240

The Scarily Chic Mum | Carine Roitfeld

She's so gosh-darn sophisticated the rest of the world is scared of her, but underneath that tres cool façade you know she's really a big sweetheart. For Mother's Day she wants something sophisticated, worldly, and hard to find, but that she'd never buy herself. 

'Cause she's been rocking animal prints since Largerfeld was chubby, you know she'll appreciate these ponyhair flats from Tom Gunn. Luckily, her other faves, namely a red lip and scent that's all her own, will work perfectly with them. Try the Serge Lutens Fleurs D'Oranger scent and Yves Saint Laurent Rouge in No. 1 Le Rouge lipstick from Mecca Cosmetica.

She's not all style, no substance. No sir. So she'll devour this Modern Matter mag', from Kunstler.

Kenzo Jaguar Ponyhair Flats from Tom Gunn, $219
Serge Lutens Fleurs D'Oranger at Mecca Cosmetica, $148
Tves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture at Mecca Cosmetica in No. 1 Le Rouge, $52

Modern Matter Magazine from Kunstler Magazines and Books

The Power Mum | Hillary Clinton

Your Mum is a total mover and shaker, plays with the big boys, and more often than not has a briefcase by her side. But she hasn't always been wearing that pant suit, so appeal to her playful side with these Mother's Day gifts from around Brisbane, like a pair of printed suede slippers from Maryon's, or try to get her out of those mum jeans and into something a tad cooler, like the Frame Denim in Le Garcon from Samantha Ogilvie, which come in a weekend-friendly relaxed cut ('cause she probably still thinks skinnies are scary).

Her inner-geek will dig some new coffee-table worthy reading material, like the Vanity Fair 100 Years tome from Avid Reader. Plus she'll be grateful for some cool new frames from Onepointsevenfour, to replace that pair she got at the chemist. 

Frame Denim in Le Garcon from Samantha Ogilvie, from $295 to $350
Nicholas Kirkwood Printed Suede Slippers at Maryon's, $1,170
Vanity Fair 100 Years from Avid Reader, $80
Cutler and Gross 0932 Onepointsevenfour, $549

The Flashy Mum | Jerry Hall

Praise the lord you inherited her bone structure. Your Mum was a wild child, so these days she mostly lets you do your own thing, but she can stop you in your tracks with one glare when she needs to. She appreciates big hair and big gestures, so don't skimp on the gifts. 

Finind Mother's Day gifts in Brisbane that are cool enough for this mama is a tough gig. The new Stella Jean collection at camargue is suitably bold (and you know she can still pull off a big print), while the Tom Binns crystal bracelet is sure to appeal to her rebellious nature. 

Take her back to her heyday with some vinyl from Title store, or keep her nose happy (and out of your business) with Nasomatto's Narcotic Venus scent from Libertine Parfumerie.

Nocciola Cotton Shirt by Stella Jean at camargue, $350
Got Live if You Want It! (7") Vinyl at Title, $25 
Rebel Crystal Bracelet by Tomm Binns at camargue, $492
Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto at Libertine Parfumerie, $230

Want more Brisbane Mother's Day gift ideas and some tips on what to do with Mum this Mother's Day? Click here!

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