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Prepare To Indulge, Here Are 15 Of Brisbane’s Cheesiest Eats

By Catherine Blake
8th Oct 2019

15 Of The Best Cheese Dishes In Brisbane

That most delightful source of tryptophan, cheese is the perfectly legal all-ages treat that’ll boost your serotonin and earn points with your date in one swift move. We love our cheesy feeds, and there's no lactose intolerance severe enough that will ever stop us from indulging in an epic, dairy laden feed. 

Light a candle for your arteries, tonight we’re dining from the middle tier of the food pyramid. Here are the best cheese dishes in Brisbane. 

Cheese High Tea At Salt Meats Cheese 

South Bank

The crew at Salt Meats Cheese spend an estimated 62 per cent of their day dreaming up new ways to increase our cheese intake. Ergo, the High Cheese. Taking place every Sunday, this spanking new innovation offers three tiers of cheesy goodness with the option for a bottomless drinks package. Seriously, why hasn’t this happened sooner? 

Mac ’N’ Cheese At Mac From Way Back 


If it’s mac ‘n' cheese you’re after then it’s well worth making the trip south to this spot, or tracking down their roaming food truck. The Mac From Way Back trundles around with three variations of mac, but at their bricks and mortar location you'll also find the cheesy pasta on everything from burgers to loaded fries. Of course, if you just want to inhale the classic bowl, we’re diehard fans of Mac’s OG Mac that is made with no fewer than five cheeses. Oof.

Mousetrap Toast At Melt Brothers 

Brisbane CBD

As the longest-running stage show on London’s West End, Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’ is a theatrical institution that has pretty much defined. Melt Brothers’ Moustrap toastie is vying for a similar tenure in the minds and hearts of lactose-loving Brisbanites, featuring both mozzarella and aged cheddar with a Dijon schmear. 

3am Burger At Ze Pickle 

Fortitude Valley 

Famed for their absolutely hectic burgs, Ze Pickle’s 3am Burger is a beacon of cheese worship. Featuring a hand-pressed beef patty and maple-smoked bacon for protein, the 3am foregoes the singular slice of melty cheese in favour of two hefty crumbed and fried cheese sticks that ooze Jack cheese over the entire burger from the first bite. The singular drawback is that you can’t get it at 3am. 

Halloumi Fries At The Yiros Shop 


The undisputed king of Hellenic cheeses, halloumi is a formidable force for good in the world. If you find yourself always adding it to your avo toast at brunch, then you should definitely check out the Yiros Shop’s halloumi fries, which are exactly what they sound like: sticks of halloumi, fried. 

Cheese Fondue At W Hotel's Living Room

Brisbane CBD

The Living Room at W Brisbane already had a lot to offer, and now they’ve really gone and done it by introducing this foxy fondue business. Available from 4pm, Thursdays through Saturday, W’s cheesy fondue is an almost indecent combination of Woombye washrind AND triple cream brie, and comes with a medley of dip-ins including charcoal breadsticks and seasonal mushrooms. 

Pasta Cheese Wheel At Il Verde 

Bowen Hills

Not since tableside crepe suzette have we been so excited by dining theatrics. Served straight out of a wheel of parmegiano reggiano, Il Verde’s Tuesday night pasta special is a must-eat for even the casual cheese aficionado. Naturally, this spectacle is immensely popular so bookings are essential. 

Camembert Cheese Katsu At Moga 


Ok this is some serious shit. Moga knows what the people want: decadence and cheese, and boy do they deliver. Besides some poppin' alliteration, their camembert katsu is simply a wheel of camembert crumbed and fried with zucchini (for health) and served with a BBQ dipping sauce. 

Cheese Dreams Board At Gerard’s Bar 

Fortitude Valley

The adverse effects of too much cheese on our dreams is well documented, but the phantasms are well worth it for a cheeseboard like the one at Gerard’s Bar. They’ll plate you up a neat selection including a blue cheese, an aged cheese and one that’s a lil funky, complete with house lavosh and tasty little extras to go with whatever bomb drop you’ve picked off the wine list. 

Deep Fried Mac ’N’ Cheese Squares At Red Hook 

Brisbane CBD

These morsels from the Red Hook gang look like cubic arancini and taste like actual heaven. Made by carving up some quality mac ‘n' cheese, covering it in crumbs and giving it the golden fried treatment, these babies come with a smoky chipotle BBQ sauce and the power to make you see stars.

Deep-Fried Goats Cheese Pretzels At ZA ZA TA 

Fortitude Valley 

The latest hip spot to get a feed, Ovolo’s ZA ZA TA is a fresh take of Middle-Eastern dining. Before tucking into the full glory of their dinner menu, we strongly recommend easing yourself in with their goat's cheese pretzel—literally just goat's cheese piped into a pretzel shape and then fried to a golden brown. It comes with some house lamb bacon and yolk aioli and is the perfect way to kick off. 

BBQ Spiced Mozzarella Bites At Sorellina 


Known for rolling out some of the finest pizzas in the land, Sorellina errs on the traditional side when it comes to their slices, but are known to bust a move in the appetiser section. Case in point, their BBQ spiced mozzarella bites, which are the perfect, ultra-cool sidekick for your dinner. 

Whole Baked Camembert Wheel At Emporium's Piano Bar

South Bank

Sinfulness incarnate, the baked camembert wheel at Emporium Hotel’s Piano Bar will literally ruin you for other bar snacks. It comes served with a crusty baguette for dipping and a pear and walnut salad for keeping up appearances. 

Cheese Dagwood Dog At Mr Lee Dagwood Dog

Mt Gravatt

Brought to us by the Mr Lee Dagwood Dog market stall, the Cheese Dagwood Dog is a fresh riff on a carnival classic, whereby the traditional hotdog is replaced with cheese and the whole thing gets a squizzle of tomato sauce and mustard. You can catch this cheesy morsel at the Brisbane Night Markets.

Sweet Plantain Poppers At Maria Caribbean 


Maria Caribbean takes a somewhat unconventional approach to get more cheese into our diets, stuffing sweet plantains (!) with cheese, crumbing the whole business and then deep-frying them like jalapenos. The result is a bewitching snack that might just get you hooked on plantain if you’ve never had the pleasure. 

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Image credit: Salt Meats Cheese, W Brisbane, ZA ZA TA 

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