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By Simone Jovel
23rd Jun 2017

pizza cake

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ICYMI the world now lays claim to pizza ice cream—who says dreams don’t come true?

And because there’s no such thing as too much of a great thing, pizza cake now also exists.

Kim Kardashian just made $19 million in 20 minutes. Yep. What did you do today? 

There’s a Harry Potter film festival happening. 

And why not give this Harry Potter escape room a go for added funsies. 

Beyoncé gave birth to twins (or did she?) and we’re already jealous of their wardrobes.  

This Moet vending machine is what every office needs now. 

Got a few extra bucks? We found a $7000 cocktail and we bet you’ll want to try it. 

Image credit: The Insider

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