Best Of The Web This Week

By Simone Jovel
4th Mar 2016

doughnut ice cream cones

A clickable smorgasbord of celebrity trash talk, food porn, good-to-knows, generally interesting chat-starters, and anything else we think you should know about from around the Internet. It’s your watercooler cheat sheet for the week. 

Leo FINALLY won an Oscar! And yes, we wish someone would look at us like he looked at his Girl Guide Cookies.

Youuu guuuuys… Something great has happened. Donuts and ice cream have made it official.

Hey Arnold is getting his own movie! Don’t pretend you didn’t watch weekdays at 4pm.

You can now include McFlurrys in your Easter egg hunt. Kind of.

Damn right we love her, Kathryn Merteuil is back people!

Some lady got lucky where you’d least expect, note to self, check your Junk mail.

Finally, when exes unite. Poor ol’ Ben Affleck might be keeping his shirt on for a while. 

And here we have #vajajaygate. Note to self: never wear a dress that looks like a vagina.

Image credit: Mashable

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