Places to Porridge

By aj james
2nd Jul 2013

You've really got to hand it to Goldilocks when she went on that porridge quest of hers. She was dedicated and didn't stop 'til she found the perfect bowl of slowly cooked oats. Admittedly . . . she broke a few chairs in the process, and committed what's commonly referred to as 'break and enter', but she had a goal, and you've got to appreciate that.

Plus, it takes guts to steal food from bears. Bear Grylls wouldn't do that. 

And so, as an ode to her, and in lieu of the cool mornings, we've created our list of 'places to porridge', a guide to the best porridge spots in Brisbane.There could be a second instalment, so feel free to get on this oat loving bandwagon! 

Pearl Café

Oh boy is this decadent, and let's be upfront . . . it comes across as more of a breakfast pudding (no qualms here), but anything creamy featuring coconut, chia seeds, and poached quince perched atop wins points with us. 


PJ's porridge made the cut last winter, and it's back again. And while the oaty base might come across as simple, the toppings do not, and aren't ones you'd pry yourself out of bed to prepare in the early hours. We detect rhubarb, and spiced nuts. 

Sourced Grocer

A friend has been counting down since she first donned a jumper in April for Sourced's porridge to make an appearance. When it did, there was a phone call . . . 'Great news! It's back. I had it this morning. I sat in the sun, and it was so rich, AND I think my banana was caramelized'. Sunshine and a locally sourced banana? Here's to that. 


We're yet to try, but the new kid in West End lists what looks to be a pretty super combination, so much so that they called it 'super food porridge'. Admittedly, there's no oats, but that's ok, the inclusion of quinoa, coconut, berries, and kiwi sounds pretty good to us.

Got a porridge pick? Do share!


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