The Best TV Dads | A Father’s Day Tribute

By Kim Barnard
1st Sep 2013

Because we love TV, and sometimes have a hard time accepting the fact that IT'S NOT REAL (why can't the Australian Federal Election be more like The West Wing? Why??), we have decided to pay homage to the best TV dads of all time, in honour of Father's Day today. 

If this smorgasbord of exceptional fictional father figures doesn't have you feeling some major Dad love, what that heck is wrong with you?

Coach Taylor | Friday Night Lights
The ultimate dad. Protective and loyal, tough but fair, Coach Taylor takes parenting to a new level. The way he takes those Dillon Panthers under his wing, that Texan drawl . . . it's all good. And, with one of the most bangin' wives in the business (THAT HAIR), and the best pep talk going, he's the dad we'd all love to have.

Homer Simpson | The Simpsons
The Simpson's enduring appeal can largely be attributed to loveable goof-dad, Homer. Even though he earns minimum wage, kind of ignores his kids, and, let's face it, is kind of a dead-beat, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to love a bit of Homie.

Phil Dunphy | Modern Family
'I'm cool dad, that's my thang. I'm hip, I surf the web, I text. LOL: laugh out loud, OMG: oh my god, WTF: why the face.' Nuff said.

Walter White | Breaking Bad
What, you call yourself a good dad and you've never started cooking meth to provide for your family?

Sandy Cohen | The OC
Ah, Sandy. We are a bit in love with this liberal, Californian surfer dad, not least because he has the power-brow look absolutely nailed. He also knows how to rock the most important meal of the day—Sandy can schmear a bagel like no-one else.

Tim the Tool-Man Taylor | Home Improvement
With three boys under his roof and a show to host, Tim Taylor managed to navigate the murky waters of good parenting with humour and a good dose of slapstick. Credit must also be given to his neighbour, Wilson's, over-the-fence guidance in the hard times.

Josiah Bartlet | The West Wing
Jed's ability to juggle his role as a caring father to three girls, while also dominating as President of the United States (not to mention, coping with his relapsing remitting MS diagnosis) is testimony to his strength of character and resilience. As far as TV dads go, Jed has a lot on his plate career-wise, yet still manages to take his assistant, Charlie under his wing, and look pretty spunky in a sweater. Bartlet for America, indeed.

Michael Bluth | Arrested Development
Being the only 'normal' (albeit, slightly overbearing) member of the infamous Bluth clan is a tough role to play, but Michael takes it in his stride. His relationship with son, George Michael (to whom he is a single parent, after being widowed) is loving and built on mutual respect and admiration (for the most part).

Cliff Huxtable | The Cosby Show
Don't we all want a dad like Cliff? Juggling five kids and a wife with his successful obstetrician business, and still finding time to bust into a hilarious dance or rap number, Cliff struck the perfect balance between strict dad and fun dad.

The Earl of Grantham (otherwise known as Robert) | Downton Abbey
Even though we have no idea why he married Cora, The Earl is a totally adorable teddy-bear of a dad. Special props go to ol' Robert for dealing with losing his abbey like a true gentleman, hiring the man-servant with the bung leg, and rolling with it when his spunky third daughter runs off with the commie chauffeur. 

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Here's hoping you get more than socks today!

Image credits: FanPop, Feedio, Pinterest, Pinterest, Virgin Media, America's White Boy, TV Listings, Arrested Development Wiki, TV Breakroom, FanPop


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