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Brewsvegas 2016 Round-Up | Where To Go And What To Drink

By Jessica Pridmore
11th Mar 2016

Brisbane! Brewsvegas is back! It’s that time of year again, where our fair city succumbs to the seductive ways of a frosty beer; where we kick off our shoes and celebrate the humble hop at the annual Brewsvegas 2016. Prepare for a fortnight of hop-tastically, beer-guzzlingly good events thrown by some of the best bars in Brisbane.

So that you can cancel all previous plans made, we’ve got your FREE itinerary of FREE EVENTS sorted for this year’s rollicking Brewsvegas 2016 bender:


Pete Brown Launches New Pacific Ale at Archive

Where better to stage a brew launch than at West End’s own beer boutique, Archive? And who better to inaugurate this fantabulous new ale than the famed beer write Pete Brown? Whichever way you look at it, this is not an event to be missed even by part-time beer fanatics.

Where: Archive Beer Boutique, West End
When: Thursday 17, 5pm

Pirate Life Beer and Deer at Statler & Waldorf

Richard the Lionheart was still running things the last time we washed down a side of spit-roasted venison with a stein of ale. Pirate Life brewing are mad keen for the glory halls of Medieval Europe and so are we. They’re bringing the feasty pleasures to Statler & Waldorf’s beer garden so we suggest you plant yourselves.

Where: Statler & Waldorf Gastronomy Pub, Petrie Terrace
When: Friday 18, 4pm

Hopfields 2 at Bloodhound Corner Bar

Titillate the glands at Bloodhound’s double-decker drinking fiasco. Every nook and cranny will be infested with hop-driven beers, hop-infused food, hop-infused spirits, beer cocktails and live tunes a-blasting. Come hither and see for yourself the spectacle that floored a city in 2015.

Where: Bloodhound Corner Bar, Fortitude Valley
When: Saturday 19, 12pm

1st Annual Kiddy-Pool Party at Fitz + Potts

Oh yeah, water sports are what it’s all about. Fitz + Potts are keeping us cool and splashy this Brewsvegas festival with an inaugural kiddy-pool party. I know! It’s just like childhood and your neighbour’s backyard! Except this time we’re old enough to add beer cocktails courtesy of Ekim Brewing Co and the results are hella promising.

Where: Fitz + Potts, Nundah
Sunday 20, 12pm

The Caxton Street Circle Jerk

Hear me out, it’s not what it sounds like. Stars of Caxton Street’s drinking scene, Lefty’s, Brewski and Statler & Waldorf, are throwing their respective hats in the ring to see whose house-made jerky reigns supreme and they want your opinion on the panel. Mosey down to the Good Beer Precinct for a mega stein and a tasting flight of the three best jerkies in the land.

Where: Caxton Street
When: Sunday 20, 12pm

Brewing With Single Origins at Barbara

Something’s missing from this schedule. We’ve got beers, bites, and tunes but where the beans at! Barbara. That’s where it’s at. Semi-pro Brewing Co and local roasters The Odyssey Project have collaborated with Barbara to bring you a sensational selection of what they’re calling ‘single origin beers’. When your two favourite vices meet there can only be one outcome: pure and total euphoria.

Where: Barbara
When: Sunday 20, 1pm

Pints For Paws at Bloodhound Corner Bar

On any given day, the fresh, new upper level of Bloodhound Bar is the perfect location for a showcase of Sydney’s finest emerging and established brewers. What makes this event a standout is that every cent of the profits made from beer sales goes straight towards the RSPCA. Do some good for a pooch in need! Sure counteracts the damage you’re doing your liver…

Where: Bloodhound Corner Bar, Fortitude Valley
When: Sunday 13, 2pm

Trawling The ‘Riffe at Green Beacon

Congregate round the glowing glory of Teneriffe’s favourite local brewer and you’ll be handsomely rewarded with the best this suburb has to offer. Danny’s Bread is bringing the beer bagels, La Macelleria has the citrus-hop and wheat beer sorbet on lock, even Murielle Vuilleumier Chocolatier’s stirring up a hops-infused dark chocolate, and, of course, the drinks are on Green Beacon.

Where: Green Beacon, Teneriffe
When: Sunday 13, 1pm

The Wild West Feral Tap Takeover at Woolly Mammoth

They’re taking it back to basics. How basic? Neolithic. Western Australia’s Feral Brewing Co are shaking things up and infiltrating all 23 taps on Woolly Mammoth’s craft bar wall with lashings of their amber fizz.

Where: Woolly Mammoth Alehouse, Fortitude Valley
When: Sunday 12, 12pm

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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