Bridal Hair Accessories As Chic Veil Alternatives

By Desta Cullen
3rd Jul 2014

To veil or not to veil? In the bridal hair accessories game, it's most definitely a question that Brisbane brides will consider at some point after making some other major decisions like, ahem, the dress.

The wedding veil, as one of the most abundant bridal hair accessories of choice, has lived quite the interesting life. 

Before becoming a symbol of the bride's purity (read: virginity), the Romans used a flame coloured veil called a flammeum to ward off evil spirits — thereby protecting the lady of the moment — after which certain religions and cultures used the veil to symbolise the possession of a woman by her husband. 

But then, feminism happened and today, arguably, (no rioting, people) the modern day veil carries much less gravitas. 

In fact, we would go so far as to say most Brisbane brides are choosing to steer clear of the traditional veil in favour of some very chic alternatives.

Because you can't just plonk any old thing on your head and call it an accessory, we've put together a list of the most chic veil alternatives for Brisbane brides. 

The Flower Crown

Floral headpieces are not particularly new — every culture kinda has a history of wearing wreaths for spesh occasions — but we just love the whimsical loveliness of fresh flower crowns for the big day.  Whether you are after bright tones or paste hues, our directory is blooming with florists who specialise in bridal work so check it out here!

The Headband

Embellished with lace, encrusted with jewels or with a coquettish birdcage veil attached, the headband as a bridal hair accessory is seriously underrated. Understated elegant option or something a little showy, the headband is a great option if you want to accentuate your hairstyle. We've found some beauties here and here.  

The Feather Crown

A staple in the fashion-loving festivalgoer's wardrobe, the feather crown is not for the faint hearted. Its inherent boho, Pocahontas vibe is toned down in the bridal context through the use of white feathers, and a healthy smattering of glitter! 

The Jewelled Crown 

The Childlike Empress from Neverending Story is the clear muse for this style of crown. A favourite of the gypset, the jewelled crown is usually heavily embellished with rhinestones and other shiny things adding a boho luxe touch to any wedding day look. Locals Bo & Luca stock a few lovely options to adrone your head. 

The Bridal Cap    

Demure and a little art deco, the so-Frenchy, so chic bridal cap is making a comeback, and we love it. Our glam' friends at Casar Elegance in Brisbane's CBD — who stock some gorgeous wedding day gowns and accessories — have two styles of bridal cap in store right now, so head into the store to chat with the lovely team. If the cap fits…!

The Hair Clip

Rhinestones, crystals, pearls and feathers, the basic clip is not so basic when it comes to bridal hair accessories. Perfect for a chignon style 'do, or even long flowing locks, the clip can be worn at the back or on the side for a touch of sparkle.

How about you? Do you prefer the traditional veil or a modern take on wedding day headwear? Tell us in the comments below!

Image Credits: Brides, My View From Somewhere, Etsy, One Wed, Snippet & Ink

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