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5 Exercises You’re Doing Wrong

By Desta Cullen
3rd Jun 2014

So you're exercising like a maniac: Lunges, planking like a pro' and tricep dips to make Arnie proud. You've got this fitspo thing sorted, right?  

What if you're doing more damage than good with your daily routine?

Unlike a lot of trainers, Rebecca Burling — owner of holistic Brisbane health and fitness studio Fusion Wellbeing in Kelvin Grove — isn't a 'no pain, no gain' kind of gal. 

Sure, a bit of muscle ache and some light it-hurts-to-walk type pain is okay, but Beck thinks every exercise should be done with perfect technique every time. No questions.   

Fusion Wellbeing takes this part of your work out really seriously, so before you get to the pumping iron part, their expert team of trainers will assess you, before a fully personalised training plan is put together.

If group classes are more your style, then Fusion also have a timetable of regular classes including tabata circuit (short duration, high intensity cardio and resistance), yoga, boxing and Pilates. 

With a remedial massage therapists onsite to knead out those knots, and a dietitian to help you with the nutritional component of your goals, you'll have a whole team of health professionals to support you with your fitness and wellbeing at this Brisbane fitness studio.

Because we know you don't have time for bad technique, we got the low down from Beck on the most common exercises and why you're doing them wrong. 

Want to see the Fusion team in action? Head down to their open day on 22 June at 11am and join in the fun! 


The Mistake | Knees turned in, or knees are parallel while feet are turned out.

Why It's Bad | Internally rotating the legs, or knees aren't aligned with feet; Loads through the inside of the knee joint.

How You Can Tell | A pinching and cramping feeling in the hip flexors; Possible pain or discomfort in the knee joint. 

How To Fix It | Strengthen the glutes and external hip rotators and make sure your feet and knees all face forward.


The Mistake | Bracing stomach muscles rather than contracting them.

Why It's Bad | The muscles are not actually working and therefore there's no strength gain; Greater inter-abdominal pressure which weakens the pelvic floor

How You Can Tell | You can't breathe normally or are holding your breath

How To Fix It | Draw the abdominal muscles in gently making sure your breathing remains constant. If you can't get the abs contracting properly you need to lower the intensity — try doing it on your knees.


The Mistake | Bending forward and rounding the back.

Why It's Bad | You're not using your core stability, it creates poor posture, and shortens the hip flexors.

How You Can Tell | Check your alignment side on in the mirror.

How To Fix It | Slow down and only go as deep as you can while keeping yourself upright by using your abdominals, upper back muscles and glutes to maintain a neutral spine.


The Mistake | Shoulders roll forward and a rounding of the thoracic (middle) back.

Why It's Bad | It strains through the front of the shoulder joint and creates poor back alignment.

How You Can Tell | Chest is collapsed and shoulders are pointed forward.

How To Fix It | Reduce the depth of your dip to a point where you can keep your shoulders back in their correct placement, and lift your chest up and forward.


The Mistake | Using your hamstrings not your glutes.

Why It's Bad | It overloads your hamstrings and there's no strength or tone gain if you don't use your glutes. 

How You Can Tell | You'll only feel your hamstrings working, not your glutes.

How To Fix It | Work on glute strength before attempting this exercise and turn on your glutes before you lift.

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