Brisbane Is Getting A Harry Potter Market!

By Rachel Lay
21st Mar 2016

Brisbane Is Getting A Harry Potter Market

Rev your invisible flying cars, people, because Brisbane is getting a Harry Potter market. Pastel Palace are hosting a Hagrid-sized market (get it, coz he’s a giant?) selling every magical, wizarding world goodie you could imagine.

Gather your Hogwarts squad on Saturday March 26 from 1:30pm for fare to rival Diagon Alley. Expect Harry Potter inspired art, accessories, soap, and pretty much everything else you could poke a wand at. Read: there will be bulk cool HP shiz on sale.

Pastel Pixie, Kareki Art, Bonnie’s Bathhouse, Enchanted Light and Ruby Kawaii will be selling on site dishing up HP goodies that may or may not induce a Harry Potter marathon over the weekend.

Obviously, since no good day out is complete without a good ol’ game of trivia, there will be trivia and a costume competition (duh!). Shotgun Fluffy.

Cue a super creepy trip to Gringot’s to stock your wallet before your haul at the markets.

Remember guys, enunciate clearly before throwing your Floo Powder.

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Image credit: Buzzfeed

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