Brisbane Is Getting A Metro System?

By Rachel Lay
1st Feb 2016

Brisbane’s public transport system is one of our least fave things about our fave city. Traffic jams on the Busway, anyone? So when we heard that a Brisbane Metro system (light rail) that will halve peak hour commute times could be on the cards it’s safe to say we were pretty excited.

The Metro System comes as an election promise from Lord Mayor Graham Quirk. The system would be the first of its kind in Australia, which is pretty cool since we Brisbanites are used to getting everything last in the bunch.

The idea is that the service would link Woolloongabba to Herston via a rubber-tired metro service, which would remove 200 buses from the Busway. Plus, the Cultural Centre station would be moved under ground and would connect King George Square to the Northern Busway.

Brisbane is growing up, it seems, with parts of our public transport system reportedly already at capacity, we assume this is defs because the word got out about how good we are killing it in the breakfast game

We kinda hope this becomes a thing because the subways of New York and Paris have always made us lust after a more chic public transport system. 

Image credit: Brisbane City Council

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