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Brisbane Just Got A New Cheese Club!

By Rachel Lay
16th Mar 2016

It’s happened you guys, it’s finally happened. There’s a new cheese club on the scene in ol’ Brisvegas to soothe our constant screams demanding more cheese, and clubs for that matter.

The club goes by the apt moniker ‘Cheese Therapy’ and will deliver you monthly instalments of cheese in epic proportions that you won’t find on the shelves of your servo. This cheese is fancy.

Unfortunately, the club isn’t just about eating cheese alone over a few bottles of wine in your ugliest (yet comfiest!) outfit. There will be launch functions and annual events, which will pretty much be the same sitch but with a socially acceptable outfit, we imagine.

The offerings come as ‘the essentials’ or the larger ‘corporate pack.’ I think we both know which one we’ll be ordering…

And OMG, 80s dreamboat Peter Russell-Clarke will be there as the ultra-special guest which is just amazing #80sHeartThrobAlert.

Image credit: MyDomaine

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