The Brisbane Rib Restaurant You Need to Try

By Desta Cullen
17th Jun 2014

As you may or may not know, we are obsessed with the beef ribs at Mighty Mighty Cue & Brew, which we think are hands down some of Brisbane's best ribs. 

If this is news to you, then you need read this, Brisbane's Best Ribs and The Verdict. Oh and don't forget this doozy: 50 Meals You Should Have Eaten In Brisbane.

But all of this meat-crazed hoopla may have gotten you off on the wrong foot with this down-home, Southern-style barbecue mecca in the heart of Fortitude Valley's M & A precinct.  

Although they are reppin' the big ol' US of A — land of the free, home of the enormous meal — we are here to tell you that Mighty Mighty isn't just for the boys.

Now, we don't want to give the impression that picking a restaurant for a date is like a mini battle of the sexes, but we think it's common knowledge that there is some resistance from the ladies to chow down on juicy, saucy (read: messy) ribs, while trying to impress their paramour. Bibs just aren't a good look.

Doing their bit for couple relations, Mighty Mighty have put together a menu that neatly showcases how versatile, delicious and fresh American food really can be.   

Yes, there are metre-long slabs of beef ribs and huge liquorice smoked lamb shanks (drool). 

But there are also lighter offerings like smoked chicken with tomato and smoked ricotta salad, fried green tomatoes and jalapeno chilli relish, plus a vegetarian dish of the moment that would satisfy any herbivore.

Jambalaya, gumbo, barbecued pineapple, and collard greens are all there too, along with some very creative concoctions paying homage to the Deep South.

If beer isn't your tipple either — Mighty Mighty has one of Brisbane's best craft beer selections — then surely you would be interested in one of their many whisky cocktails?  

We couldn't go past the smoked chocolate sazerac and the jaffa old fashioned for some much needed winter warming, but the list goes on, so we'll be back. 

We know where we'll be suggesting next time the where to go on date night convo' rolls around!

Mighty Mighty is open for lunch and dinner, Monday to Sunday, y'all.

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Image Credit: Dylan Evans

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